Born To Die..

Hi people.. I just wanted to share one of my poems with u.. its rather long yes,but do have the patience to read & comment.. :)

Born To Die..
Far away in some land unknown,
There was a garden of little renown.
There grew a shrub in obscurity,
Tender, innocent & untouched by its own beauty.

From between the shadows of tall trees,
At the sun she’d always yearn to peep.
Come night & the wayward breeze,
Would rock her into a gentle sleep.

Seasons came & went, bidding goodbye,
Then eager yet hesitant & shy,
Stepped in Spring with all its youthful gaiety,
Breathing life into all with its usual alacrity.

Drunk by this Elixir, our young friend too,
Bloomed into a splendid view.
And thus bedecked in all her radiance,
She waited for the day of her deliverance.

First came a lad, three summers old,
Childish insolence had him bold.
One by one, as if he meant no harm
Plucked all flowers to crush in his palm.

All night long, the little shrub cried
For who could console one thus deprived?
When finally the crime she did absolve,
“I shan’t ever bloom “she resolved,

Time passed, soon winter had to retrace,
Spring returned in all its grace.
The little shrub too bloomed with all her might
For who could resist this aura of delight?

Then came a prince of twenty & one,
With words of praise her heart he won.
And not one flower did he leave,
As for his lady a necklace he’d to weave.

A little happy the shrub could’ve been,
If the fate of the flowers she’d not seen.
Adorning her neck they spent all day,
Crushed under her feet, next morn they lay.

Her grief too intense, she wept no more,
Dying within, she was never like before.
“If Destiny wills my flowers to doom
‘Tis better that I never bloom…”

Nights grew short & soon days were long,
Spring arrived with a new song.
Chirping birds & greenery all around,
And the shrub still stood her ground.

But Nature’s will who can dare disobey?
And when she blossomed again the next day,
It seemed a fire burnt beneath its hue,
And dazzled the eye that met the view.
Then came a monk with a humble prayer,
And asked if she had a few flowers to spare?
For he had with him nothing of worth
Just a few flowers were all he sought.

‘Tis true that those the flowers too died,
But this time the shrub finally smiled.
For what could be more divine
Than to rest in peace in the Lord’s shrine?

(Any guesses wat the flowers represent?Strange isn't it?they wouldn't have died if they had been fake flowers)


Tanay said…
well unable to guess....
but a great poem actually. seems like a typical 20th century classic English poetry. Very creative of u :)
Rin said…
20th century classic?!! :-O
ok.. :)
Pa would be happy, he keeps sayng I write modern senseless rhyming lines :-p
Nams said…
You're the same, girl!! :)
neer said…
yess this wat i like.. peace...
Luvely ...♥

I wonder ... why not she has the sth to defend her self...
Diganta said…
one of my favorite poems!!! <3.....pieces like this make me feel so unfortunate that i don't have the gift that my sis is bestowed with!!! :(
Rinaya said…
@Sis: girl you have it in you too...I've read your work so I know

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