Love Story 2011

Yes I know I am supposed to continue my wedding experience but something(s) happened in between that kept me away from my laptop (that’s not a lie… I login to Facebook from mobile!) After my sis had left to terrorize her in-laws and everyone here had breathed a sigh of relief, I got back to college. And the first thing I know is I am appointed script writer for the Republic Day skit. My dramatic, sarcastic approach to the theme didn’t go down too well with the teacher & so we did the usual ghisa-pita play on Hindu-Muslim fights (no matter how many plays you do no one is listening actually).

That done now I was now well acquainted with the dramatic society people. The play got off without any disaster save the ending where my super-fast narration had left a gap of 20extra seconds before the closing song could play. And it left the poor actors on stage in a half-bowed position looking at each other and at the confused audience.

Our college annual fest Mirabilia (Latin for miracle) started soon after and I was eagerly looking forward to the anchoring auditions. The senior sirs called me from the auditorium and next thing I hear-“We are doing a play, a love story. And we are looking for the lead heroine. So can you do it?”   blink blink…huh? You talking to me??!
Yes, ok”…wait did I just say that?

The story was good, with a cheesy title-Pyaar Kia To Nibhana. The plot of the play would have had a Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Farhan Akhtar types crooning over it. And there was this hero. He looked akin to Kailash Kher minus the voice (that was like Sachin’s). And he was watery as a hosepipe. Leave him in Sahara & his sweat alone can grow a farm out there! I was feeling faint already and with the practise being held in the open at evening with a swarm of mosquitoes taking a liking to my head (I stopped wearing Temptation after that), I was ready to quit.

I messaged all my friends-Don’t laugh, but it’s my college’s annual fest & I am the heroine of the play-a love story.

Some of the responses I received-“WTF!” “Who’s laughing? I’m rolling on the floor!” “Hahahahahaha” that did it….No way I’m gonna let the entire audience laugh at me like that!

I put up my best puppy face and cajoled my friend into it. Now I played the role of the heroine’s nameless BFF. With 2 days to go for the play practise begun full-fledged. I was in 3 scenes only so it left me with ample tie to observe the happenings. The hero appeared to treat this play as his entry to the Oscars and had promoted himself to the post of the director. Each scene was done minimum 25 times till he was satisfied. What’s more ridiculous is he kept forgetting the heroine’s name! He even forgot his own name in one scene.

The D-day was yesterday and there was the usual running around and falling down. The audience loved the touch of Bollywood in the play (though the teachers’ verdict is yet to be known) and comments and cat-calls poured in, aplenty. The heroine was supposed to be injured in a bomb blast and the bomber was standing at the left wing of the stage waiting to burst the cracker. But the fake bomb just wouldn’t go off…he turned the cork to the left then to the right, tried making weird faces but to no effect. The song played on and the heroine was already frowning from smiling too much.

Someone had the common sense to blow off a balloon and the heroine was only too eager to lie down on the stage. The light people were a ridiculous lot and switched back the light before she could exit the stage. So the audience had a good laugh at the sight of the bombed out heroine, lifting her long skirt and running across the stage!

There was no major disaster if you don’t count the hero grumbling backstage “that was the worst play I ever did…my reputation blah blah…” before removing his collar mike.

All’s well that ends well.
oops wrong photo...

Better.. :)


Gaurav said…
hahahahahahaha jitna ye play dhekne main mazaa nai aaya honga utna u ke ye post padh ke mazaaa ageya :D mast hai ye love story 2011 :D
roushan said…
maja aa gya yar ....sayad hi koi apne acchi acting ka itni acchi tarh se kabara i know u r very good actress...tum apni co-actress ke liye v kuch likhti ....
overall drama(nautanki)mast rha av tk .....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah a
SUNNY said…
ohhhh...i jst wish ki u were d heroine ;)...!!!
Rinaya said…
Thanks Roushan & Gaurav..
& bro.. u were the one who sent the "hahahaha" sms.. huh!

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