The Hunger Games: Simply Unputdownable!

I know it comes pretty late(Suzanne  Collins wrote the first one in 2008) & many of you would have already read the trilogy, but I write this right after finishing the novel & trust me, I haven’t been this excited after reading a book since Std7 when I’d read Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. Like I’d read about HP in a book review, I came across the trailer for THG on Facebook(finally Facebook amounted to something good). And as is the case for me I always prefer a book to a movie so I grabbed the book ASAP & sat down…& didn’t get up till the last page.

Enough of me blabbering, now about the book. It is as Wikipedia defines –a young adult novel.  Before you start thinking Twilight & stuff, first this isn’t a fantasy tale nor is it littered with stupid romantic scenes (at least not yet, I’ve just read the first book). This is more like Terranova coupled with a bit of I dunno action-filled movie sequences? I know I sound jumbled up but it’s hard to define what’s there in this book unless you gain the first hand experience of pulse quickening & jaw dropping moments. The world of Panem is one of oppression where even birds maybe spies, where each & every step of the poor citizens of each of the 12 Districts is carefully monitored by the powerful people at the Capitol. The only ones to gain any wealth & safety is the winner of the Hunger Games.

There is Katniss Everdeen the gritty heroine of our story who simply wowed me with her courage & determination and an unwavering attitude when surrounded by difficult choices. Think Bella of Twilight, now keep her courage & throw away her foolhardy lovesickness & you get Katniss. Katniss throws herself into the arena for the games only to protect her little sister but then Prim’s no longer the only reason she wants to stay alive. Gale her almost best friend if you can consider anyone a best friend in Panem that is, is her hunting partner & perhaps more. Though not with her, Gale is always on her mind at times of distress.  Peeta is the guy who gave her hope when she had lost it all & yet she must kill him to win. Here winning means killing off all your opponents even the ones belonging to the same District as yours. Yes there may be a love triangle but the first book is thankfully all about the Hunger Games, something like Death Race only much deadlier & gross.

The book is a few 300+ pages & yet really unputdownable! I’m giving this book a full 5 on 5 & even if you don’t trust me read the book once to verify! Catching Fire & Mockinjay are the other titles that I shall hopefully complete soon.  Oh & I wish they don’t mess up the movie which releases in India on 23rd this month. Am very eager to see my girl on fire….


Gaurav Sharma said…
wow sounds interesting gonna buy this book for sure :D

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