The Apparition

Gargi glanced at the rear view mirror & groaned, ”Not again b&&ch! What the heck do you want from me?!” The apparition floated silently behind her. Gargi dialled Rohit’s number, “she’s back…” “Who?” “Riya that witch, you dumb head” “Oh okay… where are you? Come over to my place”

“What’s with her? Why does she hate you so much?” Seher frowned at Gargi. “Don’t look at me, if I knew I’d have solved my problem way back…she doesn’t do anything actually. She just keeps mouthing some words at me. Am damn sure they are not sweet endearments though…”. Rohit who  had been pacing up & down until then, looked up. “Mouthing words? Why didn’t you tell me that before? Riya’s ghost might be trying to tell you something” “What on earth could she be telling me? She died in a freak accident. It’s not like someone murdered her & she’s trying to lead us to the killer…right?” Gargi looked at Seher unsure. Seher looked at Rohit for confirmation. “I dunno really…Riya was rich though. And the only child of her parents. May be she was murdered, you know…for the insurance money or something…” he grew excited. “Duh… she spent half her fortune on her make up kit. I doubt anything was left in her name anyway. My God, she had a huge collection. Chanel, Calvin Klein..” Gargi went on with a far off look in her eyes. “Or, you remember Sahil? Her ex? He was one psycho case…they had a pretty big fight too when they broke up…which was like what a week before she died?” Seher joined in. All 3 sat deep in thought.

“I know!” Rohit finally spoke. “Let’s take a ride near her house in your car. Riya only appears before you right? That’s ‘coz she trusted you the most. So we ride along & wait for her to appear & then when she speaks..” “She doesn’t talk..” Gargi interrupted, “just mouths some words I can’t make head or tail of”. “Okay whatever it is she does, I’ll try to decipher that, okay?” Rohit seemed pleased with his awesome idea.

The next day they drove around in circles around Riya’s house. “She doesn’t seem too keen to appear today” Gargi mused. “Oh well, she never really liked Rohit. Maybe his presence pissed him off” Seher giggled. “Ha ha, very funny. It’s hardly dark yet…who knows..whoaaa…” Rohit nearly jumped off his skin as Riya’s apparition appeared at the window. “Oh God this is freaky…am not sure I can handle this”
“You have to help me out dude! You promised, don’t chicken out now..”Gargi pleaded. “Look she is trying to tell us something” Seher pointed. “What’s that…fail…? Sail…? Stop the car Gargi, she keeps moving & disintegrating or whatever, I can’t make sense of it…”.

“Tail..?” Rohit tried again “Did she just roll her eyes at you Rohit?” Seher was amused. Riya lifted her long arms, she seemed to be pointing at her finger. “Nail…?” Rohit finally got it.

“Oh my God…I get it now” Gargi whimpered. “That b$%ch’s come back from the grave to ask me to return the nail polish I’d borrowed from her?!” And the apparition did something that looked like a very disturbing scary smile…

This was a very poor attempt at writing a story for BlogAdda's WOW topic : To spin a story with the 3 words-rear view mirror, awesome & nail polish.


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