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Admission Open…Batch starts from 1st month!

What’s You Rashee? Resolution No. 2!

A Murder Goes Unnoticed!!!

I witnessed it...this cold-blooded murder that took place in broad daylight. And I wasn’t alone; there was a relative traffic on the road, people on the streets. But somehow no one seemed to notice this brutal hacking of limbs, the ruthless separation of body parts. And when she fell with a huge cloud of dust rising on the road, no one bothered to protest, to even pause & look.

I wondered was it because it was just a road-side tree?!

Yes guys, I am talking about murders that take place everyday...a common sight on Indian roads. Mostly those cities striving to be urbanized & give a match to their western counterparts indulge in this mindless massacre of trees. No development, no level of urbanization, of economic growth can justify these murders.
It’s a scene I wish I’d rather never witnessed, a life being taken without the slightest hint of remorse. All those trees standing there, erect & proud, bowing not to the mighty wind or the scorching sun. Yet we humans, beggars …

Happy B’Day Sir Newton!

Hello again,
I was simply googling to find something to bore my classmates with , at the seminar this week when I noticed Google’s logo with the apple falling down. It reminded me of my friend who had vented out his anger on all the scientists & especially Newton wondering, why the apple hitting him on the head had not caused a concussion instead! So I looked up Wikipedia to find out more about the famous apple tree. To quote Wiki-“A contemporary writer William Stukeley, recorded in his Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's Life a conversation with Newton in Kensington on 15 April 1726, in which Newton recalled ‘when formerly, the notion of gravitation came into his mind. It was occasioned by the fall of an apple, as he sat in contemplative mood. Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground, thought he to himself. Why should it not go sideways or upwards, but constantly to the Earth's centre?’ ” ( Sir Isaac Newton's Apple Tree&#…


so am back with my promised list of New Year resolutions (ref. New Year Mocktail). My 2010 started with the neighbour’s kids bursting crackers that sounded like Pak throwing bombs from the skies, right under my bedroom window. The first 5minutes I kept jumping off my skin & that’s the reason I was so late in wishing all my friends ( one of them promptly ended the call when all he heard from my end was the Chinese crackers).
I didn’t exactly find any reason to deafen my neighbours so I promptly snuggled into my bed. Lying there I contemplated on what my resolutions should be. (Yeah, I know you are supposed to decide before hand, but yours truly takes too much pride in her laziness). I finally came up with a comprehensive list & here is the first one…

Become fairer!

I am dusky in complexion, and going by the ads that brighten our T.V sets at dinner time, I should get rid of it ASAP if I’m to survive in this highly competitive world. There are many plus points of being fair. Apar…

bhaiyaa aal is not well !!

Hi, I thought I'd start the new year with something about the new year resolution & generally things in that context, but the recent news about Chetan Bhagat has got me all p***ed off!! Wouldn't u agree with me that this is indeed a case of daylight robbery? Going by what Chetan says( and we all believe you Mr. Bhagat!) this denial on the part of the producers is a shame on the face of Bollywood! I mean any person who has read the book will vouch for the fact that the movie is nearly 50% based on the movie.If they said 2-5% I'd tell them to go revise their math skills!! Scenes from FPS : 1. As Mr.Bhagat has already stated in his blog, there are many scenes that are uncannily familiar-the 3 friends meet at ragging time. 2. They get separated. 3. Class begins with the definition of MACHINE. 4. The suicide attempt by Raju(Fatso). 5. The entire situation at Raju's home, unwed sister, working( crying & moaning)mother & paralyzed father. 6. The hospitalization of Raju'…