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A Hope

The alarm woke her up at 7am as usual. A bit confused she opened her eyes. It would still be a few months before she would get used to it. She put her bare feet on the ground & immediately withdrew, the morning chill kissing her feet & sending shivers down her spine. Hastily she looked for her slippers, and still shivering walked off to the bathroom.
Waking up, going to the bathroom & looking at the mirror, staring at herself, wishing, hoping,  this would feel better…one day, she said to herself…everyday.

Note: I moved in to Gurgaon because of internship & well this is how I imagine it’d be like. Sincerely hoping against it! Wish me luck readers!
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Winter Evenings -A Review

Winter evenings, much like the title goes is a collection of slow paced short stories. Although I’d to finish the book in a week to come up with this review, I’d recommend it be read over a span of time to totally enjoy it. The short stories aren’t all filled with thrills & twist and turn, as is the genre these days. These are rather anecdotes and sometimes you’d feel as if you are reading someone’s diary. Navtej Sarna has brought together in this book, a collection of people’s memories that one can read and enjoy on lazy winter evenings.

There are 19 short stories in all of which I’d like to talk about a few that I enjoyed. The first story from which the book get’s its title, is about an evening that saw two men, forced to spend time together. Its an ordinary story, something many of us have felt at some point in life-the need to be with someone than being alone often drives us to compromise in life. And even if we do break the routine, we get drawn back to it again.
My favourite w…

A Short Mail Story

First things first-Happy New Year to all my readers! This is the first post of 2013 & I like the fact that it's for Blogadda's WOW(Write Over The Weekend)

‘You go home and check your Emails. You read the second mail and freeze…’. There it is again! You keep staring at the screen; the day's frustration making its presence felt. Not everything can be made sense of. Not every question has an answer. 
And mind cries out Why the hell do I get mails saying "Get V**gra at an amazing discount!" ???