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“5...4…3...2…1” she muttered under her breath. She had been counting down from 10, like she had been taught to do in situations where her temper-a notorious one at that, was in danger of forcing itself free from her control. Her eyes were red, almost moist as if holding back angry tears. But cry she won’t. Not here, not before everyone. Not before HER at least.
He was holding it out to HER. How could he?! He had promised it to her & now right before her eyes, something that rightfully belonged to her was being gifted most lovingly to this evil witch! Yes, she was pure evil. Behind those pretty dark eyes & sleek straight hair, lay a cruel cunning witch. How else can one explain him being so besotted by her? Why else would he be always praising her, forever following her, agreeing to each of her whims & fancies? What initially was her right, SHE had taken it all away in the blink of a…

Rants & Ramblings

A fair warning to all & sundry. This is going to be a boring post because it is a midnight post wherein I am at my emotional best (without the aid of any –organic compound). I have lost a lot of my zeal for stuff that would normally excite me to death! I am not even suffering from writer’s block. I get awesome ideas…start penning them & then suddenly lose interest. I find myself meticulously removing nail paint off nails that’d have scared the wits out of my alma mater, St. Joseph’s Head Girl & reapplying some stupid vibrant eye-paining shade again!

I keep updating my WhatsApp profile with selfies during hours of sheer boredom! I opened my laptop after ages (a week to be exact) & that too, the battery had been discharged and I can’t remember how. The only stuff I do now is cook. And that too happens to be something I have to do rather than like doing. I can now successfully tell apart the different kinds of pulses & know better than to confuse coriander powder w…

Wise Enough To Be Foolish Reviewed

Wise Enough To Be Foolish is a fictionalized account of the author Gauri Jayaram's life. Born into a fauji  family with a typical Punjabi background, it's the story of a girl who constantly strives to be different. It's a story that offers nothing new. What's different is the matter-of-fact way of narration. The excellent clarity of thought portrayed by the protagonist, the way the characters have been shaped, the amazing narration that compels you to put yourself in the shoes of Gauri & think...all go into making this book a page-turner.

In India parents are given a place well above that given to God Himself. Gauri Jayaram has challenged that notion in her book quite vehemently & I find myself agreeing with her. Parents are but human, and while some seek solace in their guidance & find happiness in obeying their every wish no matter how illogical it seems, people like Gauri (and I) beg to differ. 

Gauri Jayaram has touched the nerve by writing on the ever…

Love At First Sight??

He was staring right into her eyes.

Their faces inches apart. In the cold winter night, the silence was broken only by their hearts beating together. She could smell his after shave, that musky odour.
She wanted to blink, but couldn’t.

He was holding up her eyelid, focusing that darn torch right into her eyes!