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New Year Mocktail

It’s that time of the year again, when you finally relax & go down the memory lane smiling at all the bitter-sweet memories. Or if you are like me, you’ll find yourself at a loss to understand where the by-gone year actually went & how did u end up with the pile of ‘still-to-do’ stuff & ‘what-to-do –with’ junk?! This brings me to the extremely sensitive topic of “New Year Resolutions”! These are a perfect example of the adage “promises are meant to be broken”. I never made any of these, didn’t like the idea of lying to myself & setting up goals that I know I’d end up only crawling half-way through. But this year it’s different! “You’ll have bad luck!”-Mom announced over breakfast. I stopped eating to frown at her. “It says so here..” she explained pointing to her most trusted source of information in this world, the local daily.”Virgo will have bad luck from December 17 to January 11” she enlightened me. I rolled my eyes, so ok my new year welcomes me thus, 2009 must be …

The Toshali (Af)Fair

“Look ..Look..that one..” “Where? Which? That striped shirt??” “No, the one to the left!” Guy. No. 4 spotted. Oh, yeah hi! Lemme introduce ourselves, we –G,P & I are three FRIENDS(Thanks but no thanks..I DON’T prefer being called an Idiot) who’d ventured out on a chilly winter evening to visit the 4th Toshali Craft Mela. The original intention being to shop around our attention had been diverted towards greener pastures i.e. Guys. From then on we were involved in NSP(Nayan Sukh Prapti). Actually, the following incident was to blame… It was a stall from Karnataka, selling woolen handlooms fancied a knitted tops & after much scuffling P went up & asked-“Err..cost??” “350 Amma!”-the man smiled. Ok that was easy.”Bargain!!!” hissed G. P looked lost, so I volunteered-“300??” & offered the money. A short pause & then the man & his wife both erupted in a cacophony. All I could make out was “Silk…Amma..Silk..Amma..” We cowered, ready to flee when I heard “330”.G paid th…

Born To Die..

Hi people.. I just wanted to share one of my poems with u.. its rather long yes,but do have the patience to read & comment.. :)
Born To Die.. Far away in some land unknown, There was a garden of little renown. There grew a shrub in obscurity, Tender, innocent & untouched by its own beauty.
From between the shadows of tall trees, At the sun she’d always yearn to peep. Come night & the wayward breeze, Would rock her into a gentle sleep.
Seasons came & went, bidding goodbye, Then eager yet hesitant & shy, Stepped in Spring with all its youthful gaiety, Breathing life into all with its usual alacrity.
Drunk by this Elixir, our young friend too, Bloomed into a splendid view. And thus bedecked in all her radiance, She waited for the day of her deliverance.
First came a lad, three summers old, Childish insolence had him bold. One by one, as if he meant no harm Plucked all flowers to crush in his palm.
All night long, the little shrub cried For who could console one thus deprived? When finally t…


Has anyone ever heard of a food fair? Food fest yes..but food fair? I'd been to one recently.. Bookworms who don't get any company (and that happens more often than not) would get what am pointing at.. U drag along a couple of friends to a book fair..for company & the voila! u have a food fair. It all starts when u spot a famous publisher's stall & simultaneously your company lets out a squeal of delight spotting a gupchup stall.When u finally manage to get them into a book stall , you spend the rest of the time in there busily browsing through books & avoiding eye-contact with everyone..pretending you don't know the gang of giggling,sniggering,loud gals tagging along with you. One of them spotted the famous novel 'P.S I Love You'. A round of giggles later they realised that one of them had the same initials-P.S..What followed after that raised many eyebrows. I managed to keep my sanity, grab the book I wanted & sneak away.We went to another bookst…

My Mom's Best Friend

Nothing special about it…It’s a simple black Panasonic cordless phone. No geeky stuff, it doesn’t even have an impressive LCD to announce the name of the caller (what’s the point anyway? You’d know whose calling when you answer it & the ladies of the house have never been known to be prejudiced against wrong numbers!) That is my Mom’s best friend. No mobiles for her, thank you! Every morning I am reminded by her how I’ll die soon because of the two phones I carry. How am going deaf, losing my memory cells & possibly having the 1st or 2nd stage of cancer in the brain, throat, mouth & God-knows-where!! Add to that the case of my fingers going funny because of texting 24X7 and my eye-sight (something I’ve never been proud of, I wear specs) going worse by the day. “Wherever Mom goes the cordless follows.” And it’s better than any GPS tracking device in locating her position in the house. Also it happens to be the best way to grab her attention, all I have to do is give a call on…