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Reviewed: Bantaism....the philosophy of sardar jokes

When I first got my hands on this book I was intrigued by the title-who names a book Bantaism?? The author’s name as well stood out for it’s uniqueness-Bhai Niranjan Singh ‘Amrikawale’ (from America). And then I read the author’s note. I always like to read that before beginning any novel for it gives me an insight into the writer’s mind & helps me enjoy the book better. Trust me Bantaism is one book that everyone should try!
Every one of us Indians has either read, heard, or cracked a joke on the famous Santa-Banta pair. Why, I’ve even come across an entire booklet filled with these Sardar jokes, as we call them. The very mention of ‘Sardar’ brings up an image of a jolly good fellow with a happy-go-lucky persona, indulging in very silly yet innocent behaviour bound to make its way into a joke book. But Bantaism is no ordinary collection of jokes. What you get here is a very unique insight into the underlying meaning & ‘moral’ of the joke. Yes, you read that right, the author h…