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Tales From The Gym

This is one thing every blogger should blog about-gym tales. But thanks to my relatives, all well-meaning aunts and uncles I was made to have this never ending feeling of ‘eat more’. Also let me not forget my Mom who kept offering me a menu consisting of a variety of household chores to help her with whenever the topic of working out arose. Now that I am well above the voting age I decided to assert my rights and hit the gym. Truth be told it was my boyfriend who emotionally blackmailed me into it. He is well above 5”10 and of late has been increasing horizontally. This was a rising concern for me given my medium size frame & height of 5”2. So you are wondering why the heck I am in a gym? Join the club. Well, just like yours truly, he is the numero uno contestant for the world’s laziest person. Unless I push, yell & push again no work gets done. So here I am in the gym for aerobics. I had a vision of an air-conditioned room, with a sexy hunk as the instructor and all aunties tr…