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And Then The Trees Walked


Himani woke up with a feeling of sadness. It was a clear sunny day, but her spirits were down as if some grief was sucking at her happiness not giving her permission to enjoy the beautiful morning. And then she remembered. Today her son would be lost, lost to the giant & ferocious Pyrus who knew no mercy. God! Was there no escape? He is only 12! Himani cursed her ancestors, cursed everyone. Who would protect her child…there is no one. Every other human is as helpless as her…some are lucky to die a natural death & some like her son are fed to demons like Pyrus.
Grandma came into the room to check what took Himani so long. Seeing her angry tears, she knelt down beside her,”My child, do not cry. At least your son will be lucky to escape all the hard labour & difficult life that we lead. He will reach Heaven & stay happily with his father.” “There is no Heaven! There is just Hell & it is right here…I’m burning in it!” Himani rushed out. Grandma sighed sadly. Her ol…

Let’s Save Paper!

I looked aghast at the pages in front of me. “You have to re-do this assignment. I told you to do just one program per page. Submit it next time you come to lab” the lab assistant bellowed. I stared at the some 10 pages lying in the file. Pages with one face empty & the other filled with some C programs. It looked neat enough to me, I’d even tried to improve my less-than-legible handwriting as this was a lab file. But no, I was to redo it just because there were 2 programs on one sheet. My programs, specially the types that say “WAP to input 10 employees’ records..” they hardly take up more than 10 lines. To waste an entire face on 10 lines was a crime or so I thought.
This made me think, after we give our exams & get our grades, what happens to these files? A simple chat with another classmate revealed that it all went to the local raddi-wala. Wow! I stay up all night, work out the problem, painstakingly pen it down, let it travel through many other hands( for the CP-copy past…