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Turning Pink

I remember waking up to the sound of the alarm at 4am that day. Panicky & groggy-eyed, as I scrambled out of bed, the realization stuck-My Board exams were over! And it was Holi the next morning!!!

With a million-dollar smile, and a kick to my sister's butt (she had again snuck into my side of the bed) I fell asleep.

The Holi of 2005, right after ICSE 10th exams, has remained until date the best Holi ever.
Finally free from the torture of trying to remember the Moghul heritage, the Venn diagrams, the topography in those maps (I never really understood what we were supposed to be doing with that thread in a Geography exam) & Shakespeare's "Et tu Brut" (trust me he was the brute, that damn Shakespeare), we were all waiting to paint the town red-blue-green-yellow.

The day started off with the neighbourhood aunties ringing our doorbell, all still dressed in their nighties with dupattas thrown over casually, one of them holding a big bottle of Coca Cola & th…