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The Apparition

Gargi glanced at the rear view mirror & groaned, ”Not again b&&ch! What the heck do you want from me?!” The apparition floated silently behind her. Gargi dialled Rohit’s number, “she’s back…” “Who?” “Riya that witch, you dumb head” “Oh okay… where are you? Come over to my place”
“What’s with her? Why does she hate you so much?” Seher frowned at Gargi. “Don’t look at me, if I knew I’d have solved my problem way back…she doesn’t do anything actually. She just keeps mouthing some words at me. Am damn sure they are not sweet endearments though…”. Rohit who  had been pacing up & down until then, looked up. “Mouthing words? Why didn’t you tell me that before? Riya’s ghost might be trying to tell you something” “What on earth could she be telling me? She died in a freak accident. It’s not like someone murdered her & she’s trying to lead us to the killer…right?” Gargi looked at Seher unsure. Seher looked at Rohit for confirmation. “I dunno really…Riya was rich though. And…

My New Year To-Do List

I clicked on my textdocs folder after a long long time. And all my posts under my blog came up categorized as ‘A long time ago’ by Windows 7. I felt guilty instantly. I don’t even remember what I wrote last save for all the so-called clever/witty WhatsApp & Facebook status messages.
So overall, here’s what my new year will be like.
1.Write more: I’ll write every other day. No matter what I come up with, it’s going into my blog or in my new journal a friend gifted me last year. Writing gives me the much needed clarity of thought. I miss how I’d shut off the world & just pen down words that flew into my head from God-knows-where. I miss my sole talent-the ability to find every situation funny, something to laugh about no matter how difficult things get & then blog about it of course! I live alone, have all the peace & quiet I could possibly need & now even the damn freezing winter in Gurgaon can’t stop me from blogging!!!
2.Read more: I’ve less of a complaint in this d…