My New Year To-Do List

I clicked on my textdocs folder after a long long time. And all my posts under my blog came up categorized as ‘A long time ago’ by Windows 7. I felt guilty instantly. I don’t even remember what I wrote last save for all the so-called clever/witty WhatsApp & Facebook status messages.

So overall, here’s what my new year will be like.

1.    Write more: I’ll write every other day. No matter what I come up with, it’s going into my blog or in my new journal a friend gifted me last year. Writing gives me the much needed clarity of thought. I miss how I’d shut off the world & just pen down words that flew into my head from God-knows-where. I miss my sole talent-the ability to find every situation funny, something to laugh about no matter how difficult things get & then blog about it of course! I live alone, have all the peace & quiet I could possibly need & now even the damn freezing winter in Gurgaon can’t stop me from blogging!!!

Probably not thaaaat many
2.    Read more: I’ve less of a complaint in this department because thankfully the bibliophile in me has managed to stay alive. I also thank BlogAdda & Jaico Publising House for sending me some awesome titles for review. This year the first book I’ve started is Gregory David Roberts’ Shantaram. On my list are many classics, some chic-lits by Indian authors & a whole lot of awesome blogs that I’ve missed out on the last year. So I’d appreciate if you do leave a comment with your blog’s url. I’m going to utilize the internet connection in the office a lot more now (Ssshhh…)

happens..every time!
   Learn cooking: And not just for my own survival. I want to learn how to cook something that gives out that oh, so yummy aroma like my Mom’s cooking & not that pungent repulsive burnt smoke that fills my room, making my eyes tear up. The last Sunday I’d a friend over & I literally cooked up something I’d never made before-egg bhujia with mushroom. I should tell you it felt great to hear her say it was tasty. Maybe she was being too kind, but it wasn’t all that bad. Now I do feel guilty about not eating whatever mom cooked, I appreciate the effort that goes in putting together a good edible not to forget unburnt meal.

4.    Give up on dating: No, this time I’m serious! I swear I’m a jerk magnet. You want to test your boyfriend? Leave him with me for a day. If he says am attractive, 99% chances are that he is a jerk. Or maybe I’m too much of a tomboy? Whatever the case is, I am out of this area. My Mom calling me up & randomly throwing prospective rishtas at me has only strengthened my resolve. Do you think I should contact the Emotional Atyachaar guys? I’m a jerk magnet after all!
Now I've more reasons :-|
5.    Stop giving a damn about what other people say: I’ve had my share of gossip about me : weird rumours often astounding ones, that make me wonder, should I be laughing my rear-side off or plotting the murder of that gasbag? I’ve always wondered what’s a girl to do? If she says yes to a guy she likes, the rest call her easy & other colourful words. If she rejects every guy who approaches her, her nicknames get even more colourful. If she is friendly, she is a slut, if she is rigid, she is a stuck-up bitch. And it gets worse when other girls join in the fun.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, just keep that to yourself, can’t you? Who gives you the right to judge anyway? So this year, I’ll let the barking dogs bark & carry on. With all the above things on my to-do list I doubt I’ll have time to worry about what others opine about me.

There are many more items on the list, I have just pointed out the ones that are on top priority & prone to being neglected towards the middle of the year. Why have I made this public? So that if I slip, or if you catch me slacking, some kind soul amongst you will definitely come up & poke me, won’t you?

Wish you all a very happy new year from my Wandering Thoughts! J


AYUSHI... said…
Hey Rin...good to see you after such a long time... :) All the things you listed here, won't mind if I add them in my list, will you? I made a generic resolution that I'll live a little more for myself this year...but I didn't know how? I guess I know now...Will come back...take care...

And a very happy new year :)
Rinaya said… glad my list makes sense to others
Even the no-dating part?
AYUSHI... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Its a good one...But whats the jerky thing ..ha ha...are u seriously was hell fun reading that ..
@ Rin..The dating part is hillarious

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