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The Snake Charmer of India

His eyes darted across the room. The panoramic view of drunken mass irked him. Bodies subtly and more often  coarsely rubbing against each other evoking disgust rather than sensuality. The singer at the bar was religiously murdering a popular Coldplay song. To top it up, Happy Hours had ended...and not just at the bar.

He was bored. He'd come here to meet his ex-girlfriend. She didn't want to though. Said some crap about having adapted to this country, this city and even more bullshit about finding peace in Delhi's chaos. Like girl what the fuck! Just tell me who are you fucking??!!
He slammed his bottle down a bit too hard at the counter,earning a glare from the bartender-who by the way didn't look a day older than 20.

Crazy stupid need to be 25 to drink here and he was just 23 with only a few hundred Indian rupees left in his wallet. Good thing he passed for 25+ and no one gave a damn about IDs really. He was handsome and by now had gotte…


The same questions haunted her again. It felt oddly familiar, this confusion. But this time the stakes were different. She stared listlessly at the pile of wedding cards that lay on the table. Ryan had called it a mess earlier this morning. He’ll have to sleep on the couch tonight, the cheek of that man. Out of habit she lifted the florist’s brochure, knowing all its contents by heart now. Roses were too commonplace Ryan said. He wanted her to carry daisies, citing that their simple yet alluring affluence was perfect for someone like her. It was at times like this, she wished he knew her better. He made an effort & a commendable one at that, true. Yet she knew there will always be a void no one can fill. And so Anemone was her pick, whimsical, just like her.  Compromise was now not her forte. Daisies will look good on the center piece anyway.
The D-day was just round the corner. But Christmas came before that. She would for the first time meet Ryan’s family. Natasha remembered t…