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I Am Not a Blogger

If you are a blogger never reveal that to people around you. NEVER…EVER... unless, of course if someone realized your worth & asked you for an interview & guaranteed to place your carefully photo-shopped picture on the cover page of their magazine. Anything less than that you MUST pretend you cannot even frame a sentence & had no idea that gerund is not the name of some white guy.
I say never even reveal that you know English. “I didn’t studied English at all na, I always slept in back bench man…” Bloggers or writers & would-be authors need to keep low profile until famous. Especially when you are in school/college & are as close to publishing your own novel as India is to being corruption free. Here’s what will happen to you unless:
·Class Postman:  You shall for all occasions & purposes, accidents & mishaps be deemed as the official postman. Remember the old movies when Lakshmi received a letter from her husband working in the durr sheher? The postman so kin…

The Reluctant Detective

If you thought this is a murder mystery the likes of “who dunnit” that keep you guessing till the end…you are wrong. To be fair to the author Kiran Manral, you are partly wrong. All that the murder aroused in me was a mild curiosity, as I was busy smiling at the antics of the protagonist Kanan Mehra aka Kay for her friends. She lives in a world of her own & quite literally vanishes into it in the midst of other uninteresting happenings. She can safely be regarded as the brand ambassador of high societal traits & a self-proclaimed fashion diva.
The story unfolds when Kay is busy getting herself all dolled up for an evening in the company of movie stars & the like. At 35 she now has to work hard at getting the right glamorous look for any ‘a do’ as they say. With triple-support bra & a wardrobe full of basically useless clothes she is having a tough time getting ready. And that’s when the doorbell rings heralding the arrival of the police looking for Kanan Mehra. There h…