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Being Beautiful

Take a look at them…one is a model, blessed with flawless features, a good education, a charming personality that can woo many hearts. The other is just an everyday face you will come across at some construction site or the other. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I bet you won’t believe me it if I tell you that both these women are beautiful. Why just women… I say Tom Cruise has perfection & beauty and so does Johnny Lever. I see you are smiling…

To me beauty has never been a superlative adjective. It is an intangible asset and hence it’s not easy to quantify it’s value. Clich├ęd yet necessary is the line-‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. You think God would create something as ‘ugly’? But then why is it that some people are labelled beautiful and some people spend the rest of their lives trying to hide behind a false mask, pretending to be someone they are not so the world would categorize them under the ‘beautiful’ identifier?
We see people in the West visiting tanning pa…

How To Avoid Hair-fall

The solution is so simple…yet I bet you never thought of it… become bald! Yes, no hair no hair fall worries.

 And you thought I am blogging about some home-made concoction to do away with your receding hairline and now conspicuous scalp? Show you some miracle? And actually blog about it instead of selling my secrets to people from Proctor & Gamble? I may look that stupid but I am not.

My mane, my pride used to be so thick that Mom says( and my Mom does exaggerate) the teeth of the comb used to break. I survived my entire school career without visiting any parlour, as she used her scissors to give me a tomboy look. My mop of hair had stayed safe till then. Later as I grew up & the desire to look more feminine took over, I grew my hair.

And now summer or winter or be it the rain…what stays consistent is the hair…not on my head but on the comb. Thankfully my hair is considerate enough not to expose me in public by lying on my shoulder instead of head. But when we are alo…