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The Taj Conspiracy- A Book You’d Love To Revisit

I’m no history enthusiast yet when it comes to putting up a question mark on the most famous monument in India, there is bound to be a lot of excitement & a lot of raised eyebrows( yeah I did a lot of that while reading). Manreet Sodhi  Someshwar has shown her finesse in weaving an intriguing story around a sensitive topic with such aplomb that its worthy of applause.
Coming to the story, a Mughal scholar of Indo-Persian origins Mehrunisa Khosa, is the first one to recognize the threat to the monument of love, the Taj Mahal but no one believes her. One cold winter morning changes everything, as she meets a dead body instead her friend & supervisor of the Taj, Arun Toor. And that’s not the end, the murderer has challenged the intellect of the people guarding the Taj by making subtle inconspicuous changes to the famous tomb & leaving behind cryptic messages. The Police is at a loss & immediately resort to the only sane conclusion there is-another terrorist attack.  Se…

The Journey Till The 100th Post

My 100th post…nearly 3 years, a long time indeed. Yet here I am, with a 100 posts on my blog. Am no writer & for me this very small achievement may perhaps be the only great thing I’d ever do to mark my “literary career”. So get ready to hear a lot of self-praise & anecdotes.
 I remember I began reading when I was in Std 2 –Champak was my first ‘book’ not related to academia. As I read each story, I marked the contents page & was so worried when within the night I’d finished them all. I’ve always been a fast reader & craved for more & more. As I received new books for the school year, I’d first finish the English literature books(Gulmohar anyone?) The first time I penned a so-called poem was after reading one of my cousin’s. She’s been my very first inspiration, at 8, am not sure what inspiration meant but I sure did know I wanted to write like her to get praised!
Unlike other parents, mine were very encouraging & never criticised me spending time reading book…