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Reviewed: The Devotion of Suspect X

A Japanese best seller with 2 million readers & am sure I can safely call them fans, The Devotion of Suspect X is a well-balanced mixture of a puzzle suitable for Sherlock Holmes with a twist brought to it by Agatha Christie! “An international crime thriller”- falls short of describing this book. Keigo Higashino has played around with human emotions, the philosophy of life & twisted them around to weave the characters in his novel. There’s no multimillionaire involved, no precious jewels, no run around chase, no adrenaline rush yet the mystery lingers on your mind long after page 374.

We are introduced to our protagonist-a high school maths teacher Ishigami’s normal routine. His mundane life holds nothing of value for him save his research in maths & his beautiful divorced neighbour Yasuko Hanaoka. Ishigami is a man of logic & has no space for emotions in his life. However Yasuko’s mere presence brings him out of his world of logic to something akin to humane affection.…

Light On Pocket & Fast On Mobile

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
Google Plus never made it
I say RIP Orkut

A sneeze or a cough
or a day gone rough
my boyfriend doesnt love me
I quarelled with Mommy

Short & brief in my tweets
140 characters is all it took
for tidbits & hatred
that make my life an open book

Hanging out with friends
coochie-coo with him
Photshopped dee-pee
Updating my status on a whim

Welcome to my virtual world
where I poke & like & share
I chat funny & stay cool
And act like I really care

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
you wonder what a socioholic I am?
in the mirror take a look!

I admit I’m addicted to mobile browsing, well who isn’t anyway?! A free moment & my finger tips automatically stray towards the browser option on my home screen. Depending on whether I want to hear the latest news (Osama’s death, Aish’s daughter being born, countless earthquakes, movie ratings-all from Twitter) or whether I feel like sharing something interesting its Twitter & Facebook…