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Baramulla Bomber Reviewed

Blurb Of The Book:
An Ancient Weapon from the Vedas & Bible
Once Hunted by the Nazis
Powered by the Sound of the Universe Reborn with the Help of Quantum Physics
Going to be Unleashed onto the World
And Kashmir Holds its Secret

Sounds quite intriguing doesn't it? When I first came across the book via BlogAdda's book review program, I was very much curious as to how can a plot be carved around such a diverse range? For Baramulla Bomber claimed to have one  "that revolves around Kashmir, Pakistan, China, cricket, ancient secret societies, and espionage". Well, the end result is bit of hopscotch.
Frankly speaking, the initial 20-30 pages gave me a headache. I hate chapters that start off in the middle of nowhere & then the next one too begins wham! in the midst of something else. Nevertheless having gone through that, I was glad the author picked up pace & did turn this into the racy thriller that it claimed to be.
Baramulla Bomber has a political backdrop with…

The Cosmic Clues Reviewed

When I first heard of this book, I had no idea what to expect. The Cosmic Clues by Manjiri Prabhu is indeed a one of a kind genre of novels. As the cover page claims, it is the first Indian book about an “astro-detective”. Being one of those who don’t believe in Fate, Destiny & the stars, I admit being perplexed with the idea of an investigator who works with astrology. The combination was indeed worth a shot & though I still didn't ‘get it’, it can be safely regarded as a good one-time read.

Sonia Samarth is an intelligent lady with a Masters in criminal psychology. Perfect qualifications to start off a career in solving crime one would say. The only catch? She is also a student of Vedic astrology & insists on putting it into practical use when solving crimes. No wonder her agency Stellar Investigations receives a lot of requests to read horoscopes rather than mysteries & calls for help.
Everything changes when a cat decides to enter their office & stay put. Her…

Your Wish Is My Command

He was agitated beyond words. It was common for young IT professionals to start feeling this way. Work pressure, the long hours had all taken their toll it seems. He had fallen prey to this habit long back. But what he hadn't expected was a girl like her succumbing to this as well. Nevertheless now that she had expressed her desire, it was his duty as a good boyfriend to fulfill it.

"Here you go...I didn't know what brand you like, so got a light one", he handed her the packet of cigarettes. "What the..what's this???", she looked aghast at him. "Well, you did say you wanted to share a cigarette with me..." he stammered confused.

She had said secret. He mistook it to be cigarette!

The rest as they say is history...

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