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The 4 Letter S Word

It was a trap. A casual invitation… a seemingly harmless one mostly laid for amateurs (read boyfriends & husbands) & I was drawn into it, though I belonged to neither category. Such is my disastrous fate. But first a foreword…
Sale-the 4 letter word that breathes elixir into every female’s bones; the talisman that would awaken the dead (the dead in reference being a female), the one word that can strike fear into the coldest & strongest men has finally arrived.

When you’ve had had a break up & are in the midst of the denial phase, text messages are fired at the rate of 2 long winding messages/minute & every ‘ping’/’ding’ of your cell phone, makes your heart skip a beat. During those crucial seconds when you stare at the screen, already essaying out a reply & a ‘ding’ announces the arrival of a message that you pounce upon…“ FLAT 30% OFF! EOS SALE on at XYZ…” if my phone wasn’t worth more than half my salary, it’d have found itself flying across the room by no…