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The Quintessential Loss

Been a long, long time since I wrote something. BlogAdda's WOW prompt about stuff we have lost, seemed to be perfectly timed-given my recent break up.

And while I was once again stifling tears & pulling out my hair, I noticed that I didn't need to pull it out at all. Strands of my precious mane seemed to be just waiting to depart my head. My most gentle caress could now, easily liberate 3-4 strands of fine hair off my scalp. This was no news, but it set me thinking. I like the many other fellow humans suffer from hair loss. Hair loss of the kinds that makes you worry & well...further lose more hair, is the worst!

From a thick mane that had once broken the teeth of many proud combs, I have now resigned to combing the delicate strands with my fingers. The idea of using shampoo fills me with sudden nightmarish visions-of the hair falling off and clogging the drain while I sob beside it. Being bald will never suit my large round face.

I miss the days when I could go off on m…