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A Butterfly In a Cocoon

We meet people for a reason. Obviously there has to be some valid reason. God didn't just get bored and decide let,X and Y meet,coz you know "aiwe hi.."
If you are an atheist and believe there is no God,then of course you believe in the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence either! Everything happens for a reason.

In the 25 years I have spent on Earth (OMG I am so old...!!!), only 15 of which I can remember, so far I have not encountered one instance where the universe or the Almighty,has come forward to throw any light on this 'reason'. They built this vast Milky Way, installed gravity, created various forms of life, some of it rather pointless if you ask me, and yet,when it comes to aiding the most common species-nothing,nada,zero,zilch! I would gladly swap the ability to work out a calculus problem with the wisdom to differentiate between a cunning chap and an abnormally stupid one any day!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, like if we all had in-built…

A New World

It seemed eons ago, what happened just 5 minutes back. He could still hear her words spoken that day in the distant past, echo through his mind, like an endless hymn. It was really happening. He wasn't sure if he was ready for this. For months he had been preparing himself for it. So engrossed was he in the preparations that he had forgotten to react to the actual event that would unfold. And now he stood at the edge of the world, afraid, hesitant, and unsure. He couldn't see what lay beyond. He had only heard tales of it from friends & family. Was he ready enough to embark on this dangerous journey? He didn't know yet.
Mechanically he put his right hand before him & pushed open the door. He walked in a daze, his eyes focused only on her radiant face. And then in her soothing voice she asked –“Do you want to..?” He nodded.

As the baby’s tiny hand closed on his thumb, he realized, this wasn't just the edge of the world, it was the beginning of a new one.

This p…