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Review: God is a Gamer

I had always been a fan of thrillers but somehow I'd this idea that Ravi Subramanian wrote a lot involving banking-which given the fact that my father is a banker & loved his books-would be boring. 
How wrong I was!
I was lucky to start off with God is a Gamer as my first book by the author. And although it did involve banking & some pretty mundane financial stuffs, the core plot revolving around bitcoins was what kept me hooked.
God is a Gamer is an intriguing tale that begins with a meeting. Joseph Saunders the CEO of Visa International & Vijay Banga President of MasterCard International meet up with a US Senator Gillian Tan to discuss about an initiative that Russia may soon take which would cost the credit card industry a lot of their revenue. Soon after the famous WikiLeaks incident occurs, shaking the US government & forcing all international banks to withhold WikiLeaks' finances.  Enter Bitcoins.
Bitcoin is a form of virtual money that allows purchase o…