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Love And A Time Machine


Give me love and the keys
To a time machine
A chance to relive the moments
That had once been

Sunsets we watched & the songs
That we sung
Engulfed in your embrace
Where I truly belong

Chilly winter nights and
The romantic rain
I want it all back just
Take away the pain

Give me love and a guarantee
That you will stay
And not leave me dying
Like this every day.

To have loved you and then
Trying to forget
You were & are my strength
And not a regret.

To catch a glimpse of paradise
And then rot in hell
Capricious fate and destiny; what
Tragedies you spell!

I loved and lost and now I remain
A shadow of US
Destined for eternal pain.
Asking aloud the only question..
Won’t someone give me the keys
To a time machine
A chance to relive the moments
That had once been..?

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My First Wedding Experience Part2


For those who are wondering what I’m talking about here is the recap

The dress of the bridesmaid :
It was a tricky affair to go shopping with two ladies. One my Mom who would raise her eyebrows at every price tag & the other my Aunt-mom of the would-be bride who was an expert in wasting the time of the shopkeeper, dismantling his shop, haggling with him till he was in a drop-dead condition. Yet I embarked on the journey and landed myself in the most beautiful lehanga I’d ever seen. The moment my eyes met those of the girl in the mirror draped in that exquisite piece of cloth I was in a bliss. Then I noticed the face of the not so blissful lady sitting behind me. Our eyes met, a mute war ensued & I was finally the owner of the lehanga, all 4000 of it!

The Thingy Called Makeup:
“A bride deserves to look all made-up. Why torture me?“ I whined. But my over eager boyfriend wouldn’t hear any of it. “I want you to look the best!” “Yeah, hoping for some easy riddance eh? As if some…