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The Krishna Key Reviewed

This is my first time reading a book authored by Ashwin Sanghi & now am eager to explore what his previous novels-The Rozabel Line & Chanakya’s Chant were about. A word of caution though-avid Dan Brown readers will definitely get that déjà vu feeling as the plot closely resembles that of Angels & Demons. There are striking similarities between the patterns of events, even the lead protagonists & yet Ashwin Sanghi does add his twists & turns to surprise you now and then. So do give this book a chance.
Whatever be the inspiration behind The Krishna Key, it is a thriller, one which gains momentum as you read on. At first the story lingers around the murders which happen one by one in a serial manner, committed by a man Taarak Vakil. Who is this young man who believes he is the final Kalki avatar of Vishnu? Has the tenth avatar of the Blue God finally descended on Earth or is this just a mad man, a serial killer? The Kalki avatar isn’t simply murdering the victims-lead…

Friends & Strangers

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He didn’t like Romeo at all. Not one bit. The bushy tail or the ever alert ears & warm brown eyes, failed to leave an impression on him. The 20” tall German Shepherd too, didn’t have any affection for him since the day 5 yr old Ryan had tried to use him as a horse. I mean, won’t it hurt your ego if anyone were to mistake you for a Bubalusbubalis?
Romeo belonged to Ryan’s grandfather, now retired & enjoying his lazy days in the wonderful village of Chharabra in Shimla. With wildlife aplenty, having a faithful dog around wasn’t a bad idea, he’d thought when he bought Romeo from a pet shop. Every summer Ryan would visit his Grandpa & after the first rendezvous with Romeo, he preferred to spend…