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Stay Tuned To Radio Screams!

She frowned at the pile of copies & books glaring at her from the desk. There was no way she could finish all the homework & it was already past 11pm. She let out a long sigh, rubbed her eyes & got ready for bed setting the alarm at 4am. “It’s a curse being in 12th standard” she muttered on her way to the common bathroom.
On the way back, she passed the room of her elder sister. The door was slightly ajar & Lara could see Asha sleeping soundly while her new touch phone resting innocently on the bedside table. The phone was a gift for topping that year in her engineering college. Lara being in the torturous 12th standard could only dream of such gadgets. She had only just managed to lay her hands on the computer on the pretext of school projects. And Asha being the obnoxious elder sister wouldn’t even let her enter her bedroom let alone touch her stuff.
But Asha was asleep & everyone knew that when Asha slept only an earthquake can wake her up. She survived her own…

The Gender Analysis Of Subjects

I was thinking about writing on something when something else entered my chain of thoughts and here I am blogging about what gender is perfect for what subjects-(in case you are wondering how can people be so jobless, all I’d say is THIS is my job Miss/Mister!).
Usually when we converse in Hindi we end up referring to inanimate objects with a proper gender. So why not extend that courtesy to subjects we study in school? So I thought & thought (having nothing better to do) and now have compiled the gender analysis results
©    Maths: I wanted to get over with my least favourite subject first. Oh, who am I kidding? I wanted to finish off first with the subject that I hate with every fiber of my being. Enough drama, now to the analysis.
Maths-it’s complicated, it’s scary when you are wrong, it’s stubborn & won’t listen to your pleas. And if you forget one formula you are done for! (Sounds like your sis/wife/GF ain’t it?) So female it is.
©    Geography: This one’s easy. Though I…


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She peeped to look at him again & again failed to catch his eye. It was as if he deliberately avoided her. But then, he was busy haggling with the customers. Beads of sweat lined his forehead as the hot sun beat down on him mercilessly. Nilu sighed. He wasn’t going to look at her any sooner. Mother would be waiting for her return to cook the lunch. She had to hurry back home. With reluctant steps she walked back home, passing the shop but this time not glancing at it.
Manas looked up just in time to see her profile heading back to the village. She was as usual carrying that huge & ugly black umbrella and the jute-bag laden with fresh vegetables from the market. In spite of the heavy burden, her poise & gait remained royal. She looked like a princess! …

Everybody Loves IIT!

I was in heaven, no not literally of course: I’m too much of a sinner to bag a space up there. I was in my own heaven-in a bookstore that had the magic words “upto 50% off” pasted on the clear glass walls. Definitely my kind of heaven! My hungry eyes scanned the shelves of books, picking out the most lusted-after titles. At times like this I sincerely regret neglecting maths & my G.K. I mean how do you deduct 33% off $7.99?? Still doing the mental math my eyes rested on a bookcase that almost bagged the center-stage.

The IIT books. Nope, not the dumbbell types ingenious torture devices invented by mankind to terrorize the youth. These IIT books were a different class altogether. Let me explain-Mr. Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone (What Not to Do at IIT) adorned the topmost rung of the shelf.

Neatly arranged below the Guru of IIT’s amorous chronicles, were the other ‘shishyas’(disciples). I went through the titles & trust me the smirk never left my face. The names would make…

For My Friends

No give & take ritual of hearts was required You gave me your hand & that has sufficed With that you offered all that I had desired Love, faith & trust all that cannot be priced.

Over the years we may grow apart Distance & time, destiny’s sly hand But I’ve caged your memory deep in my heart I can see your smile from where I stand.
No words need fill the silence between u & I No bonds no promises will ever bind us together Fake worldly conventions we will always defy And yet we remain friends forever!
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