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The Oxygen of my Life

Some people are like oxygen.
Or even water.
No wait...oxygen is better.
You'd have heard people claim-"OMG I loveeee pizza..." or "KFC bucket....yummm!!"

Ever heard/read anyone talk about how much they love oxygen? Bet you haven't!
Water at least gets some love,when some companies claim they have a direct pipeline pulling in water from the foothills of the Himalayas, but no one thanks good old oxygen. Except when June 5 comes around and it's World Environment Day and everyone is in a frenzy to advocate prevention of air pollution.

Oxygen-without it you won't last 2 minutes!
A man can survive without food for a few days,water too,fewer days,but no you. And yet we have never thanked it.We treat it like it's the duty of the Oxygen molecules to get inside our- lungs and help in oxidizing blood.

Same holds true for some really important people in our life.
You have almost at least twice a day thanked your Mom,specially in your childhood.…

The Must-Have Metro Post

I am not supposed to be writing, seriously, not at this time of the day. I am in office & mercifully it's one of the once-in-a-blue-moon days when a release has been delivered, your TL is on leave & your manager has forgotten about your existence.

Also I am down with the seasonal flu & not in a mood to work. I could catch a movie instead but I am perpetually broke so the only option left for me is to sit & blog which serves the dual purpose of making me appear "busy at work" :)

So I was browsing through a few blogs & I realized people living in metros always have that one blog post about some incident in the metro. I have been in Gurgaon for over 2 years now & travelled umpteen number of times via the Delhi metro & nothing to show for it on my blog! So here goes, my first metro post-

The first time I rode the metro without parental assistance was when I was to visit Pragati Maidan for the book fair. I mean I was so afraid of moving o…