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Tumhari Sulu-Feminism with a Smile

In the age of misdirected, compromised feminism, and the ever-present patriarchy, a film like Tumhari Sulu, is like the first spring blossom, the lyrical call of the cuckoo you hear in the middle of the February cold. Excuse the funny parallels I draw, but that's the best I could describe it. 

This is not a movie review, but just an attempt to  draw the Indian audience's attention to good cinema. This is for those who dismiss films starring a voluptuous, middle-aged housewife as the protagonist, with no gun-blasting men, or item songs that border on the brink of being classified as porn; as 'boring'. 

When I was watching this movie with my friends, I reminisced about the good old 90's era TV shows, where humour didn't involve sexual innuendo or roasting someone without their permission. There was no 'bajana' type of jokes, and although the story revolved around a late-night talk show on radio, the dialogues were far from suggestive. 

Yes this film had a wo…