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Happy Birthday Harry!

I’m late I know, forgive me for that. This post should have been here the first thing when the clock struck 00 hrs. This is one of the things I hate about growing up, you tend to forget all your favorite childhood addictions. Luckily I was asked to report on…you guessed it-Harry Potter’s 30th birthday. So here I’m celebrating!!! J
It was a children’s magazine that had carried a kid’s review on this wizard who lived in a magical world. I was in Std 7 then & glued to all books (except the textbooks of course). I worshiped Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Secret Seven & what-not’s. But this review made me crave for this book. I remember forfeiting my birthday cake for this book-Harry Potter & The Goblet Of fire. And then I got addicted. Till date it has remained my favorite.

I read the series in the weirdest possible order-book4 went first & then Book 2 followed by 3 & then 1. I remain eternally grateful to my friends for lending me the series that I devoured with an urgency …

Living In Shadows

Do all relationships come with a sprinkling of the past? When I read IndiBlogger's latest Soch Lo contest topic I just said…
Hell yes they do!
I speak from experience-experiences that I wish no girl should have. Letting go of the past is wishful thinking on my part. It’s scarred me, molded me & made me into who I am now. As a rule I don’t regret what I have done, I never indulge in day dreams of what-if’s. Yet when you see a part of yourself lost somewhere in the ‘past’ never to surface again, it does feel bad.
Love-all through my teenage years I’d been considering it as a haloed word, complete with my Prince Charming on a white horse (you can snigger, but every gal has at least thought so once in her lifetime). I did find my so-called prince (not on the horse thank you) only to have my 1st encounter with the harsh reality when I was just 15(roll your eyes I’m not looking). That’s when I discovered a new 4-letter word that somehow attached itself to ‘love’…lust. The halo wa…

My Blog & Wo Log

Why do I blog? Because I can! :)
Well, I joined Blogger in 2007 & posted for the 1st time in 2009. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but for the lack of internet facility at home. So in 2009 finally I managed to persuade my parents that ‘Internet’ doesn’t only mean meeting strangers online or viewing shitty sites on the sly. (It means Orkut & Facebook!! Big grin :-D)
One fine day I remembered the promise made to myself about maintaining a blog & after the initial struggle with templates & all (am an IT student, shame on me!) I managed to post my 1st feature. Since then I can be seen banging away my poor keyboard with the 2 index fingers & 1 thumb (hey, my speed has increased mind you! I no longer spend 30secs looking for the missing ‘n’)
Initially my parents were happy, at least I wasn’t chatting with God-knows-who’s online. But then the frequency of my sitting before the PC increased. I even dared deny Mom from playing her much loved Solitaire! And my sister…

How I Met My Boyfriend!

I have a boyfriend, as do a majority of the female & nowadays male population of the world. If you’d read my posts & not just scanned them, you might have recognized that hapless, poor soul who keeps making a guest appearance here & there in my stories.  Today I thought I should formally introduce him & tell his…no our story! I have spent all my life studying in an all-girls institutions right up to my graduation. Ignore the fact that I have had brief encounters with the male species in Std 5 & 6. At that age all that mattered to guys was football, WWE & Cartoon Network. After the hormones had kicked in & right after I got my 1st crush, I shifted to an all-girls Catholic school. Since then I’ve hardly had any opportunity to interact with guys. Well, am not going to waste time & space relating the amorous details (read disasters) of my life. This post is just an open-to all reply to my friends who have wiggled their eyebrows when I tried explaining how I …

I'm Not A Mirror !

I'm not a mirror,
I don't reflect your image,
I have my own to keep,
Flawless though it may not be,
I can still call it mine.

I cannot be your sunshine,
Enough shadows follow me,
Groping in darkness for a dream,
I cannot be your sunshine.

Don't try to hear my heartbeats,
And pretend to know their meaning,
The rhythm has long been lost,
It beats just to keep me alive.

Don't look in to my eyes to find my dreams,
They melted long ago,
Leaving their traces on my face,
Don't feel shy if you want to ignore.

Just let your soul test yourself,
Hear your heart beat for you,
Gather sunbeams to light your world,
Look for your dreams, for they are immortal.

But don't turn & look back at me,
I am empty and opaque,
Light doesn't know me
I am not a mirror!

I Say Fun….You Say Humph?!

That stupid sounding title somewhat about summarizes my ‘fun’ life. Whenever I open my mouth & say-“hey, what about a little fun?” around a gathering on my ‘sane/normal’ friends, I hear a ‘humph!’ or if they are feeling particularly polite that day, they simply change the topic. I don’t blame them, poor things. For they are the ones I turn to whenever my fun ideas wind me in a not comfortable scenario. Did I mention I’m the absolute human magnet for trouble?!
If I attempt to go down the memory lane, I’d have a long list of such memorable incidents to account. A vast variety to choose from, all of them having one thing in common-they were fun & ended in building up my dopey reputation! (ok that’s 2 things not 1) The most recent incidents being sketched out vividly in my mind, allow me to descend down the list.
Being committed is usually considered to be a safe girly thing & the intended purpose of having a boyfriend may range from shopping help to shoulder-to-cry/lean/etc…


 No I’m not talking about being another one of those Barbie doll-witless-wannabe-item gal type beauty queens that get produced these days. Remember Mogambo? Well, what if I got the wonder watch with me & thus have the power to turn invisible at will?!
Ms.India at your service people…

Ø    Bhubaneswar gets a new superhero! (Ignore the gender, no one knows me, am invisible remember? ) So what if my knowledge of martial arts is limited to Kung-Fu movies & DOA? I can always sneak in a club & get all the training I want. Then I’ll roam the nights and fight crime. Or better still track down the despicable Maoists. Plus I don’t even have to bother about some fancy costume.
Although I’m yet to decide what excuse to give my Mom if she finds the bed empty one night…

Ø    Power=> Responsibility : So goes the saying. Being invisible would mean I got to be thinking more about the common good. Although I may get tempted to sneak out with stuff from a store, I’ll have to cull that though…