I'm Not A Mirror !

I'm not a mirror,
I don't reflect your image,
I have my own to keep,
Flawless though it may not be,
I can still call it mine.

I cannot be your sunshine,
Enough shadows follow me,
Groping in darkness for a dream,
I cannot be your sunshine.

Don't try to hear my heartbeats,
And pretend to know their meaning,
The rhythm has long been lost,
It beats just to keep me alive.

Don't look in to my eyes to find my dreams,
They melted long ago,
Leaving their traces on my face,
Don't feel shy if you want to ignore.

Just let your soul test yourself,
Hear your heart beat for you,
Gather sunbeams to light your world,
Look for your dreams, for they are immortal.

But don't turn & look back at me,
I am empty and opaque,
Light doesn't know me
I am not a mirror!


DuDo said…
wow i liked the poem :)

specially the lines "Don't look in to my eyes to find my dreams,
They melted long ago..."
neer said…
Is that Poem I'm lil confuse...
Anonymous said…
nice poem
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Rinaya said…
@Neer: it's a genre of poetry called free verse wher u dont go rat-cat-bat-mad types :P
@DuDo: thanQ!
Gaurav said…
Wow its very good i liked it :)

And i love ur writing sytle :D
neer said…
I'm sorry bt i didnt like it
Rinaya said…
@Gaurav: thanx..
@Neer: nothing to b sorry abt dude..a reader needs to have a specific taste fr poetry.Free style may nt be ur genre..
neer said…
well I am also a grt poet in my own way... do visit my blog..sumtime u gota know som more abt poem writtng.. :)
Rinaya said…
i see.. Shakespeare in the making huh? :P
I've been writing since like std 3 or sumthng.. surely u must b composing frm d womb itself if u happen to know more.. & if u prefer more of simple poetry nt modern ones u cn chek my other poems..like dis one
Gaurav said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
neer said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You remind me of Sylvia Plath...Great Job!
Deepungsu said…
Loved the poem... beauty might lie in the eyes of the beholder, but one cannot be just what others want to see... keep up the good work...
Rinaya said…
@Sehraan: plz..dats too much really.. thats an honour !
@Deep: well-said & thanq!
neer said…
yeee grt work like it
Rinaya said…
@Neer : really now..plz buzz off!! :P
mk said…
had to admit..you think a lot!...
a nice poetry with deep thoughts, forcing your attention!..

loved the poetry!
Rinaya said…
thanx a lot for the appreciation mk :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Interesting ...

but I have a Mirror in me ... :)

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