How I Met My Boyfriend!

I have a boyfriend, as do a majority of the female & nowadays male population of the world. If you’d read my posts & not just scanned them, you might have recognized that hapless, poor soul who keeps making a guest appearance here & there in my stories.  Today I thought I should formally introduce him & tell his…no our story!
I have spent all my life studying in an all-girls institutions right up to my graduation. Ignore the fact that I have had brief encounters with the male species in Std 5 & 6. At that age all that mattered to guys was football, WWE & Cartoon Network. After the hormones had kicked in & right after I got my 1st crush, I shifted to an all-girls Catholic school. Since then I’ve hardly had any opportunity to interact with guys.
Well, am not going to waste time & space relating the amorous details (read disasters) of my life. This post is just an open-to all reply to my friends who have wiggled their eyebrows when I tried explaining how I met my boyfriend.
It involves a bit of history, so here goes…
I was in a bad relationship. Ok that’s obvious! But seriously this guy was the type whose ego-headedness had reached a summit even if nothing else in his life had. The type who would make you feel so guilty about being you. (I just hope he isn’t reading this…)
So when we broke up, I broke down. I took the blame on me, made fake attempts at suicide (mostly to scare him, didn’t work) and in short acted like a perfect loser. That’s when he entered my life! :)

He was a mutual friend. So here comes the eye-brow wiggling part. He was the ex-boyfriend of my friend’s friend’s friend. So here’s the nomenclature-middle friend, lets call her V & my friend (G) and my BF. G has met my BF when one of my ex-boyfriend’s friends had caused a bit of trouble in her life. (Bear with me please!) The above mentioned guy was a real loser who would make Johhny Lever look handsome if they stood next to each other! So my Bf had played tough & saved G from his unwanted advances.
Now my best buddy say A was making ‘wanted’ advances at G. A being Punjabi used to gleefully sms G in Punjabi & leave her confused. My BF to the rescue again. So my BF & A sort of knew of each other.
Enter ME. I was the topic of discussion amongst a lot of my friends for reasons that I don’t want to cite here. Let it suffice that I was seen as a never-serious-happy-go-lucky bum (I still am, only I hide it better). So my tales soon reached my BF’s ears. Mostly the fact that I was nutcase A’s BFF impressed him & he asked for my number from G.
I heard of this guy one fine day after a big fight with my now ex-BF. I sent an sms & the rest is history. Two flirts met & thankfully stayed happy with each other.
As about the who-proposed-whom question, I’ll save it for another day!


Anonymous said…
hmm...intesting..but a lill bit seems u hav jumbled up d situation..i hav to read it for 4 tyms to understand...and finally i can..its ok ..but it can be explained in a more beautiful way..jus write in a simple way..and also u hav missed sum moments or lines lyk where is "v" here??.otherwise it is good..good going dear..keep it up..and a filmy love;)
Rinaya said…
Actually I just used V so that readers wont get more confused, I mean friend-friend :P
The story iteslf is confusing, I don't know how I could have made it easier? :-O
DuDo said…
aaah rinaya you really have confused me... :/
Please consider my advice use a proper fictitious name instead of a letter.... lol... i will get back and read again!!!!

But could just understand a few parts of it.

mk said…
hmm..lot of love stories start with these small meetings and friendships..he he
I had seen a lot, hope I could hav such story to tell..but ur blog being simple, is a nice read..
only problem..I got confused ion V and Friend's friend's friend!!
Rinaya said…
@DuDo: sorry :P
I found it hard to replace names with pseudo names :) will overcome that in my later posts..
@mk: yes others have already commeneted may be I shud have potrayed V's role in it a bit more :P
Sagar..... said…
hmmmm..... well i think it is more confusing dan what ti seems....... nicely written..... do write da nxt part dying to read it....
So,lots of stuffs huh!!!I was lOLing through the post but there was something about the story that kept me engrossed all throughout... Would definitely like to know about who proposed whom.. :)
Rinaya said…
hmm.. will grant ur wishes soon :)
SUNNY said…
itna detai me to mujhe b nai maalum thaa!!
Spicy Sweet said…
Nice story, but really confusing.. Too many people were involved for your destined meet!

Anyway, Be happy!
Anil P said…
Totally confusing, couldn't place who was who! Maybe if they had been given assumed names, the story might've been clearer. Anyways, happy time to you.
Rinaya said…
Doesn't matter now..we broke up anyway :(

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