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An Untold Story

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. The theme for the month is 'An Untold Story'

Oh yeah…c’mon…” he grunted again. Sweat glistening on his bare back making it almost shine in the harsh summer sunlight. The room had no curtains & let the sun stream in. She observed the dust particles twinkling in that ray of light which softly touched his shoulders. She could see the muscles on his arms harden, his biceps bulging out invitingly. She touched them softly & murmured “go slow...” He looked deep into her eyes “Don’t worry I will...” his voice was husky, almost breathless & she loved the music in it. She looked on as he moved, rhythmically, every movement of his, every soft grunt making her more aware of herself, of her desires.

There, almost done…you do know how to operate that …

When a Woman Breaks Up With You..

When a woman breaks up it’s always a mutual break up:Remember the break up scene in ‘Love Aajkal’? Yes, a woman will make you feel as if there was a coffee shop & in between sips of CafĂ© Mocha they decided it’s time to head in different directions. That bump on her head? OMG, you thought he hit her? No, silly, that’s from having to suddenly stop at the traffic, stupid lights!
When a woman breaks up, the whole world knows:Or at least that social network of yours will know. Facebook status will be the first to get updated, followed by sympathetic (and eager) comments from all & sundry. People you didn’t know existed in your friends’ list, will start asking “” questions as if you’ve just had castration surgery & that was your manhood bidding goodbye not your girlfriend.
When a woman breaks up, she breaks stuff too: All the beautiful cards you ever gave her will go rrrrrrrrriiiippp much like your heart did. The stuffed toys being oh-so-cute may be spared but they …