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Don't Call Me Cute

The Situation:
Facial & body hair look good, only on models of primitive men found in museums. However Indians always tend to differ. A man’s moustache is regarded as a proof of his manliness, lack of facial hair is a shameful attribute & all growing teenagers would agree. While the likes of Anil Kapoor are a rare extremity, having a stubble or the slight hint of a moustache is what men prefer & assume women like. Well not always!
The Problem:
Scene 1: He draws in close with that warm look in his eyes that’d melt any heart. It sure melted hers. A second later: She: eww.. *spitting out* He: what’s wrong?? She: nothing…lets continue. You kiss me while I munch on your moustache.
Scene 2: A lonely path in the park & he pulls her right up to him. She: oww… He: now what?! I did trim it you know? She: yes & now it feels like am kissing a porcupine!
There are other scenarios too where the moustache and the beard pair to act as a mood killer, but I refrain from sharing them …

The Edge of the Machete : Reviewed

Let me tell you what this book is not. It’s not a book meant for the faint hearted. I myself felt my intestines twist & turn reading a select few paragraphs. With due credit to the author, the scenes are so credibly & vividly described that the written words can successfully shake your whole being.  The Edge of the Machete is no James Bond inspired novel. Abhisar Sharma does not even try to sugar coat the words, it’s the bare truth laid out naked for the reader.
The Edge of the Machete is a fast paced novel set in the backdrop of the current terror attacks. We begin with the video of a CIA agent’s brutal murder being filmed. Jason Wilson’s last few moments & his cold blooded murder at the hands of the 21 years old Aamir Sherzai gives the readers a glimpse of the madness of these jihadi groups. The video reaches Jason’s best friend Ed Gomez who now seeks revenge. This desire to avenge his best friend’s death gives birth to a risky & yet brilliant plan. And Sarfaraz Kh…

8 Point Someone:What Not to do After You Get Placed

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“You’re crazy, did you know that? Have you realized what nonsense you've been spouting?”
“No nonsense. I’ve made up my mind & I shall do as I wish!”
“Well, suit yourself. You've finally lost your marbles.”
“Look this is the last exam of my life. And it doesn't even matter what grades I get, I already have a job! If trying to make my last exam memorable, different & quirky is called insanity then of course I’m insane!”
”So you’re sure you’re going in without revising? You the nerd, the topper will join us as we watch the Life of Pi, night show?”
“You bet I will…”
8 AM
“Where’s she? Is she outs…

An Untold Story

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. The theme for the month is 'An Untold Story'

Oh yeah…c’mon…” he grunted again. Sweat glistening on his bare back making it almost shine in the harsh summer sunlight. The room had no curtains & let the sun stream in. She observed the dust particles twinkling in that ray of light which softly touched his shoulders. She could see the muscles on his arms harden, his biceps bulging out invitingly. She touched them softly & murmured “go slow...” He looked deep into her eyes “Don’t worry I will...” his voice was husky, almost breathless & she loved the music in it. She looked on as he moved, rhythmically, every movement of his, every soft grunt making her more aware of herself, of her desires.

There, almost done…you do know how to operate that …

When a Woman Breaks Up With You..

When a woman breaks up it’s always a mutual break up:Remember the break up scene in ‘Love Aajkal’? Yes, a woman will make you feel as if there was a coffee shop & in between sips of Café Mocha they decided it’s time to head in different directions. That bump on her head? OMG, you thought he hit her? No, silly, that’s from having to suddenly stop at the traffic, stupid lights!
When a woman breaks up, the whole world knows:Or at least that social network of yours will know. Facebook status will be the first to get updated, followed by sympathetic (and eager) comments from all & sundry. People you didn’t know existed in your friends’ list, will start asking “” questions as if you’ve just had castration surgery & that was your manhood bidding goodbye not your girlfriend.
When a woman breaks up, she breaks stuff too: All the beautiful cards you ever gave her will go rrrrrrrrriiiippp much like your heart did. The stuffed toys being oh-so-cute may be spared but they …

The Krishna Key Reviewed

This is my first time reading a book authored by Ashwin Sanghi & now am eager to explore what his previous novels-The Rozabel Line & Chanakya’s Chant were about. A word of caution though-avid Dan Brown readers will definitely get that déjà vu feeling as the plot closely resembles that of Angels & Demons. There are striking similarities between the patterns of events, even the lead protagonists & yet Ashwin Sanghi does add his twists & turns to surprise you now and then. So do give this book a chance.
Whatever be the inspiration behind The Krishna Key, it is a thriller, one which gains momentum as you read on. At first the story lingers around the murders which happen one by one in a serial manner, committed by a man Taarak Vakil. Who is this young man who believes he is the final Kalki avatar of Vishnu? Has the tenth avatar of the Blue God finally descended on Earth or is this just a mad man, a serial killer? The Kalki avatar isn’t simply murdering the victims-lead…

Friends & Strangers

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He didn’t like Romeo at all. Not one bit. The bushy tail or the ever alert ears & warm brown eyes, failed to leave an impression on him. The 20” tall German Shepherd too, didn’t have any affection for him since the day 5 yr old Ryan had tried to use him as a horse. I mean, won’t it hurt your ego if anyone were to mistake you for a Bubalusbubalis?
Romeo belonged to Ryan’s grandfather, now retired & enjoying his lazy days in the wonderful village of Chharabra in Shimla. With wildlife aplenty, having a faithful dog around wasn’t a bad idea, he’d thought when he bought Romeo from a pet shop. Every summer Ryan would visit his Grandpa & after the first rendezvous with Romeo, he preferred to spend…

The Taj Conspiracy- A Book You’d Love To Revisit

I’m no history enthusiast yet when it comes to putting up a question mark on the most famous monument in India, there is bound to be a lot of excitement & a lot of raised eyebrows( yeah I did a lot of that while reading). Manreet Sodhi  Someshwar has shown her finesse in weaving an intriguing story around a sensitive topic with such aplomb that its worthy of applause.
Coming to the story, a Mughal scholar of Indo-Persian origins Mehrunisa Khosa, is the first one to recognize the threat to the monument of love, the Taj Mahal but no one believes her. One cold winter morning changes everything, as she meets a dead body instead her friend & supervisor of the Taj, Arun Toor. And that’s not the end, the murderer has challenged the intellect of the people guarding the Taj by making subtle inconspicuous changes to the famous tomb & leaving behind cryptic messages. The Police is at a loss & immediately resort to the only sane conclusion there is-another terrorist attack.  Se…

The Journey Till The 100th Post

My 100th post…nearly 3 years, a long time indeed. Yet here I am, with a 100 posts on my blog. Am no writer & for me this very small achievement may perhaps be the only great thing I’d ever do to mark my “literary career”. So get ready to hear a lot of self-praise & anecdotes.
 I remember I began reading when I was in Std 2 –Champak was my first ‘book’ not related to academia. As I read each story, I marked the contents page & was so worried when within the night I’d finished them all. I’ve always been a fast reader & craved for more & more. As I received new books for the school year, I’d first finish the English literature books(Gulmohar anyone?) The first time I penned a so-called poem was after reading one of my cousin’s. She’s been my very first inspiration, at 8, am not sure what inspiration meant but I sure did know I wanted to write like her to get praised!
Unlike other parents, mine were very encouraging & never criticised me spending time reading book…

Reviewed: The Devotion of Suspect X

A Japanese best seller with 2 million readers & am sure I can safely call them fans, The Devotion of Suspect X is a well-balanced mixture of a puzzle suitable for Sherlock Holmes with a twist brought to it by Agatha Christie! “An international crime thriller”- falls short of describing this book. Keigo Higashino has played around with human emotions, the philosophy of life & twisted them around to weave the characters in his novel. There’s no multimillionaire involved, no precious jewels, no run around chase, no adrenaline rush yet the mystery lingers on your mind long after page 374.

We are introduced to our protagonist-a high school maths teacher Ishigami’s normal routine. His mundane life holds nothing of value for him save his research in maths & his beautiful divorced neighbour Yasuko Hanaoka. Ishigami is a man of logic & has no space for emotions in his life. However Yasuko’s mere presence brings him out of his world of logic to something akin to humane affection.…

Light On Pocket & Fast On Mobile

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
Google Plus never made it
I say RIP Orkut

A sneeze or a cough
or a day gone rough
my boyfriend doesnt love me
I quarelled with Mommy

Short & brief in my tweets
140 characters is all it took
for tidbits & hatred
that make my life an open book

Hanging out with friends
coochie-coo with him
Photshopped dee-pee
Updating my status on a whim

Welcome to my virtual world
where I poke & like & share
I chat funny & stay cool
And act like I really care

I swear by Twitter
I live on Facebook
you wonder what a socioholic I am?
in the mirror take a look!

I admit I’m addicted to mobile browsing, well who isn’t anyway?! A free moment & my finger tips automatically stray towards the browser option on my home screen. Depending on whether I want to hear the latest news (Osama’s death, Aish’s daughter being born, countless earthquakes, movie ratings-all from Twitter) or whether I feel like sharing something interesting its Twitter & Facebook…

Reviewed: Bantaism....the philosophy of sardar jokes

When I first got my hands on this book I was intrigued by the title-who names a book Bantaism?? The author’s name as well stood out for it’s uniqueness-Bhai Niranjan Singh ‘Amrikawale’ (from America). And then I read the author’s note. I always like to read that before beginning any novel for it gives me an insight into the writer’s mind & helps me enjoy the book better. Trust me Bantaism is one book that everyone should try!
Every one of us Indians has either read, heard, or cracked a joke on the famous Santa-Banta pair. Why, I’ve even come across an entire booklet filled with these Sardar jokes, as we call them. The very mention of ‘Sardar’ brings up an image of a jolly good fellow with a happy-go-lucky persona, indulging in very silly yet innocent behaviour bound to make its way into a joke book. But Bantaism is no ordinary collection of jokes. What you get here is a very unique insight into the underlying meaning & ‘moral’ of the joke. Yes, you read that right, the author h…

Dreams Gone Wrong

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She walked into the shop, her jet black hair with hints of burgundy, shining in the mild sunlight of what remained of the afternoon. Her attire was as usual simple & showed signs of a sensible girl-a white cotton kurta with a matching chudidaar, bracelets adorned one hand & a watch on the other. Not something you’d find in today’s college going girls I tell you. I’d know, I go to one. “You have Maggi’s Magic Masala?”, she asked in her lovely voice. The voice I’d love to be woken up to in the mornings, the voice I’d love to hear being whispered into my ears….. I’d to stop daydreaming & get back to work. Dad was watching from the counter. I brought out the things she listed & too soon the bill was made & she left. I was left staring at her back wondering when would I get lucky again.
She was my crush or maybe something more. She had first walked into the shop last winter. I still remember the mo…

The Hunger Games: Simply Unputdownable!

I know it comes pretty late(Suzanne  Collins wrote the first one in 2008) & many of you would have already read the trilogy, but I write this right after finishing the novel & trust me, I haven’t been this excited after reading a book since Std7 when I’d read Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. Like I’d read about HP in a book review, I came across the trailer for THG on Facebook(finally Facebook amounted to something good). And as is the case for me I always prefer a book to a movie so I grabbed the book ASAP & sat down…& didn’t get up till the last page.
Enough of me blabbering, now about the book. It is as Wikipedia defines –a young adult novel.  Before you start thinking Twilight & stuff, first this isn’t a fantasy tale nor is it littered with stupid romantic scenes (at least not yet, I’ve just read the first book). This is more like Terranova coupled with a bit of I dunno action-filled movie sequences? I know I sound jumbled up but it’s hard to define w…

I Am Not a Blogger

If you are a blogger never reveal that to people around you. NEVER…EVER... unless, of course if someone realized your worth & asked you for an interview & guaranteed to place your carefully photo-shopped picture on the cover page of their magazine. Anything less than that you MUST pretend you cannot even frame a sentence & had no idea that gerund is not the name of some white guy.
I say never even reveal that you know English. “I didn’t studied English at all na, I always slept in back bench man…” Bloggers or writers & would-be authors need to keep low profile until famous. Especially when you are in school/college & are as close to publishing your own novel as India is to being corruption free. Here’s what will happen to you unless:
·Class Postman:  You shall for all occasions & purposes, accidents & mishaps be deemed as the official postman. Remember the old movies when Lakshmi received a letter from her husband working in the durr sheher? The postman so kin…

The Reluctant Detective

If you thought this is a murder mystery the likes of “who dunnit” that keep you guessing till the end…you are wrong. To be fair to the author Kiran Manral, you are partly wrong. All that the murder aroused in me was a mild curiosity, as I was busy smiling at the antics of the protagonist Kanan Mehra aka Kay for her friends. She lives in a world of her own & quite literally vanishes into it in the midst of other uninteresting happenings. She can safely be regarded as the brand ambassador of high societal traits & a self-proclaimed fashion diva.
The story unfolds when Kay is busy getting herself all dolled up for an evening in the company of movie stars & the like. At 35 she now has to work hard at getting the right glamorous look for any ‘a do’ as they say. With triple-support bra & a wardrobe full of basically useless clothes she is having a tough time getting ready. And that’s when the doorbell rings heralding the arrival of the police looking for Kanan Mehra. There h…

From Chandni Chowk to Sachin??

Remember Bombay & Madras? Of course you do. Good old Bangalore & Pondicherry? Remember Orissa? (Chances are you won’t but still I had to ask.) Now, remember West Bengal? Ah yes yes. Now in the same context remember Chandni Chowk?
Renaming cities, towns & states has become the favourite pastime of our nation. Now just changing the name to something more regional is okay. I can take Odisha & even Poschim Bongo (I can’t promise a straight face while saying it aloud though). I can even cajole my tongue to pronounce Bengaluru & Puducherry and with much practise I shall be able to say it fluently. But naming Chandni Chowk as SachinTendulkar Chowk? Marna hai kya?
Imagine K3G had been made after the renaming, would Kajol-SRK dialogues carry the same lovey-dovey feeling with Sachin Tendulkar Chowk thrown in? What would that Akshay Kumar movie be named? Sachin Tendulkar Chowk to China? 
Now look am not anti-Sachin or anything. I can patiently wait for the man to get his 100 t…