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From Chandni Chowk to Sachin??

Remember Bombay & Madras? Of course you do. Good old Bangalore & Pondicherry? Remember Orissa? (Chances are you won’t but still I had to ask.) Now, remember West Bengal? Ah yes yes. Now in the same context remember Chandni Chowk?
Renaming cities, towns & states has become the favourite pastime of our nation. Now just changing the name to something more regional is okay. I can take Odisha & even Poschim Bongo (I can’t promise a straight face while saying it aloud though). I can even cajole my tongue to pronounce Bengaluru & Puducherry and with much practise I shall be able to say it fluently. But naming Chandni Chowk as SachinTendulkar Chowk? Marna hai kya?
Imagine K3G had been made after the renaming, would Kajol-SRK dialogues carry the same lovey-dovey feeling with Sachin Tendulkar Chowk thrown in? What would that Akshay Kumar movie be named? Sachin Tendulkar Chowk to China? 
Now look am not anti-Sachin or anything. I can patiently wait for the man to get his 100 t…