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I'm the Wind
blending in everywhere
forever invisible...

I'm Water
you may pollute me
I still nurture Life...

I'm the Earth
formless yet polymorphic
Destiny shapes me...

I'm the Sky
you peek at me through
the windows of your house
I stretch my arms towards Infinity...

For centuries I've burnt
Now I am the Fire
Before the flames rise
recognize me
I am a Woman!

Pole Star Of My Life

You are my conscience the heartbeat of my soul the one who molded me the only God I'll ever know.
Yours is the hand I hold on to when stumbling down the road yours is the smile that shines through the choking darkness of my life.
You're the candle that provides warm comfort on a cold dark night You are the Fire raging in me the Giver of immortal Light.
Consistent as the Pole star ever changing as the River no simile, no metaphor can ever describe my Mother!
Through your eyes I first saw this world It's your words that I now repeat Every moment to survive the strength from you I seek.
Forgive me if my words sound weak For my voice alone can't suffice to unravel the Enigma that you are no Man can ever claim to be as wise!

Mosquitoe Bites

I write today about a universal topic, that of mosquito bites( oh what an intelligent beginning, as if you can’t read the title.. ! The mosquitoes must have already addled my brain!!) “Love thy neighbor!” The mosquitoes have taken to it literally & quite enthusiastically have taken upon themselves the task of kissing all of humanity thereby uniting us indirectly. They kiss, bite & ultimately kill irrespective of religion, caste, creed or colour. True patriotic citizens adhering to our dear Constitution indeed...! (Are any politicians listening?) Sometimes when I am on bed and have nothing better to do than contemplate on the ‘what’s & ‘why’s of this World, I think about these creatures almost indulgently (only if the All Out is working). What must have God thought when He created them? Poor creatures, born in pools of stinking water, who have to risk their life each and every moment to survive and ultimately die by electrocution, suffocation or simply by getting clapped on. …

What They Want..

It's nearly the end of Feb.Already the newspapers have started bearing ads of coaching institutes & colleges' are placing their admission details.It's the most hectic time of the year,with both parents & children remaining in a constant nervous state. This lead me to think about what actually defines a career? I mean what is it that everyone generally looks for while making their career in a certain field.Why is that while some love engineering & medical,others prefer applied arts.Why is it common for a lawyer's son to be a lawyer & a doctor's son to be a doc? The main question that arises here is,why isn't the child ever given the right to decide what he should study? Well,that can be for many reasons... Most parents feel that their child is too inexperienced and the basis of choice is usually on his whims & fancies.The level of maturity in a kid is too less to actually make him stick to his decision.It's like buying a toy,playing with it…

Love in The Air... Cough!...Cough!!

Happy Propose Day to all! Well, everyone knows what this time of the year is like. Am sharing nothing new, but maybe just adding a different view to the entire farce! St.Valentine died & left behind a message of love…In his remembrance we celebrate 14th of Feb as Valentine’s Day. So far so good…But who declared the week before that to be christened as Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug & Kiss Day??? Thank fully this year it was on a Sunday that the drama began. So luckily I did not get to witness the sight of guys loitering near our women’s college with or without roses. But that did not prevent my friends from missing out on the fun. So I ended up with roses which somewhat looked like- {} “””” {} @ ( ‘(:)’ ) ,@ @ =(,,)=(,,)< -@ @ @ (“”),,(“”) “@@ ok this is supposed to be a bunch of roses delivered by a teddy! Then came the Shopping Time!!! I was the as usual maid of honor, walking behind my friend as she ransacked (literally) shop after shop i…

Mundane Thoughts...

Come Feb & every student whose crushed under the Indian Education System bemoans the very existence of it. More so if they suffer the ignominy of studying in a Govt. college which runs itself as per its whims & fancies. As for me, I’ve spent the last 7 days utilizing my imagination & the little spare time that I got, in visualizing the type of disasters that could & I know would not befall on my college. Just why couldn’t the Naxalites drop a bomb there at night?
Wandering thoughts...that’s what my blog’s title says. But all the wandering my mind has done this week is to restricted to two words-“Project” & “Seminar”. The former is a hopeless case indeed. We are supposed to do a project using any of the computer languages taught till date. And everyone knows that project means using knowledge we do not have! And as they expect us to know advanced versions of languages, we end up running off to find the institute that offers “the best courses in IT”. Which translates…