Love in The Air... Cough!...Cough!!

Happy Propose Day to all!
Well, everyone knows what this time of the year is like. Am sharing nothing new, but maybe just adding a different view to the entire farce!
St.Valentine died & left behind a message of love…In his remembrance we celebrate 14th of Feb as Valentine’s Day. So far so good…But who declared the week before that to be christened as Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug & Kiss Day???
Thank fully this year it was on a Sunday that the drama began. So luckily I did not get to witness the sight of guys loitering near our women’s college with or without roses. But that did not prevent my friends from missing out on the fun. So I ended up with roses which somewhat looked like-
{} “””” {} @
( ‘(:)’ ) ,@ @
=(,,)=(,,)< -@ @ @
(“”),,(“”) “@@
ok this is supposed to be a bunch of roses delivered by a teddy!
Then came the Shopping Time!!! I was the as usual maid of honor, walking behind my friend as she ransacked (literally) shop after shop in her quest to find the perfect gift for her boyfriend. There were cards that sang, or blinked or were so huge that u needed two people to hold it. And the gifts.. two colours ruled- sickly pink and blood red enough to incite nausea. From jumping to singing, you could see all varieties of hearts. That’s when I remembered a bio class from my school days when the teacher had said- “Love is an emotion. So as per science, all emotions are formed in the brain. So logically you should have brain shaped cards not heart- shaped ones!
And the prices! Real heart surgery won’t cost as much as the fake hearts did! I still couldn’t get the point of buying it all..And anyway I’d seriously made up my mind to gift my Bf a tour of the whole place & show him all the cards, all the fluffy toys and make him smell the perfumes, No one goes through the cards after the V-Day celebrations are over and neither is anyone bothering with the gifts. So this was an effective and cheaper option.
The moral brigade isn’t far behind either much to the dismay of the lovebirds. “It’s the celebration of love! Why can’t they get that? Does love only mean GF-BF type love?”- a friend moaned. I was unimpressed-“oh yeah? So what are you getting for your Mom this V-Day?” That silenced her.
So moral of the story is, love is indeed a great emotion, something beautiful that binds us all. It doesn’t need any celebration to emphasize its importance. We don’t have people rushing around giving food to others on World Food Day, do we? (World Food Day is on 16th Oct by the way). So if you love someone make every day special for them so that you won’t need to remember V-Day except to pay homage to the great saint who died for the sake of love !
Happy Loving ! :)


Chinmay Kumar said…
nice, humorous, n truthful
telling da meaning of luv, really luv does not need celebration, it is all in here. LOVE HAS BIGGER MEANING.
Chinmay Kumar said…
have u ever been in love(truely, deeply, madly)?
Rinaya said…
madly yes.. many times.. :P
truly.. yes too.. cos each time it seems so true :)
Ashish said…

However, we love to flaunt our relationship status so Valentine's day is a nice excuse ;)
Rinaya said…
not so for those who have nothing to flaunt..
personally i feel de r lucky .. freedom to flirt :P
Sagar..... said…
well nice thoughts madam.....
well love is for all not only for a specified relation........

nd yes mam nice to here day uve luved madly nd truly many tyms......
Saina said…
LOL..dat mad & true love only can happen in teenage.. :)

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