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Dreams Gone Wrong

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She walked into the shop, her jet black hair with hints of burgundy, shining in the mild sunlight of what remained of the afternoon. Her attire was as usual simple & showed signs of a sensible girl-a white cotton kurta with a matching chudidaar, bracelets adorned one hand & a watch on the other. Not something you’d find in today’s college going girls I tell you. I’d know, I go to one. “You have Maggi’s Magic Masala?”, she asked in her lovely voice. The voice I’d love to be woken up to in the mornings, the voice I’d love to hear being whispered into my ears….. I’d to stop daydreaming & get back to work. Dad was watching from the counter. I brought out the things she listed & too soon the bill was made & she left. I was left staring at her back wondering when would I get lucky again.
She was my crush or maybe something more. She had first walked into the shop last winter. I still remember the mo…

The Hunger Games: Simply Unputdownable!

I know it comes pretty late(Suzanne  Collins wrote the first one in 2008) & many of you would have already read the trilogy, but I write this right after finishing the novel & trust me, I haven’t been this excited after reading a book since Std7 when I’d read Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone. Like I’d read about HP in a book review, I came across the trailer for THG on Facebook(finally Facebook amounted to something good). And as is the case for me I always prefer a book to a movie so I grabbed the book ASAP & sat down…& didn’t get up till the last page.
Enough of me blabbering, now about the book. It is as Wikipedia defines –a young adult novel.  Before you start thinking Twilight & stuff, first this isn’t a fantasy tale nor is it littered with stupid romantic scenes (at least not yet, I’ve just read the first book). This is more like Terranova coupled with a bit of I dunno action-filled movie sequences? I know I sound jumbled up but it’s hard to define w…