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The Epidemic Called Marriage : 2 Reasons Why I Don't Want To Get Married

Is this the Chinese year of marriage? It started slowly. Nondescript. A photo on my Facebook news feed, of a friend who I didn’t know even existed in my friends’ list, standing next to her life partner. Reddish-maroon shade of lipstick, that slight shine on the forehead from the sweat, face a bit ashen because you know, too much of foundation & the flash going off in your face, the groom holding in his paunch & trying to look appropriately delighted-trademark photos had slowly started creeping into my news feed. Soon enough came along photos of little babies, babies asleep, babies crawling, babies dressed up in cute little outfits, babies just being babies, babies babies babies..until I just couldn't find the energy to do another “awww…so cuteeee!”

And now they are everywhere! People getting married left right & centre. Is Doomsday happening after all? Everywhere I see people are either marrying, or going to a marriage or discussing it. And like all good mothers, mine h…

When The Lights Go Out

"Saab, you want tea?" the liitle chap was looking at me with big hopeful eyes. I was surprised to find him here today.

It's a Saturday night, that too after the Good Friday holiday. That means I'm all alone in the office. The normal people with normal lives have either taken a much deserved short vacation with their families or have found the extended weekend an excuse to booze more & party wilder. The only company I've is a snoring guard at the main gate & a red-eyed maintenance personnel who's probably curisng my presence that forbids him to leave before I do. 

"What are you doing here this late? Go on, go home now. Here take this" I handed him 10 bucks & shooed him away.

I finally log off & switch off the monitor. The admin guy looks up hopefully. I nod at him as I pass by him towards the door. As I reach for the lift button, there's a fluttering of lights in the corridor before all goes dark...For a second I can't even see a…