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A Tale Of Flying Pigs

Now don’t take this for a Grimm’s fairy tale. I’m talking about swine flu here. PJ you say? Oh well can’t help it if that stupid injection has paralyzed my funny bone!
So this grotesque tale begins with Mom reading the paper early morning and deciding that the world is now doomed to die a pig’s death. Luckily at that time we didn’t have a functional TV in our house or this verdict would have been declared quite early. (Speaking of TV, it’s the very reason why my thoughts haven’t done much wandering except wonder about why Shilpa of ‘Dill Mill Gaye’ tries to do all her acting with her eyes. Oh… sorry am straying from the topic here.)
So my Mom put her hypochondriac abilities to excellent use and added Swine Flu to the existing list of diabetes and suspected cancer-of-whichever-body part-is-paining-most. Don’t get me wrong, I value my life and am not making fun of Mom here, but I’ve lived with her for 21yrs & know all about her ‘symptoms’ are nothing but a figment of her imaginatio…


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The sky I look up to is overcast,
Orange fumes rising from the blast,
Grey clouds mock & drift away,
Only the pain is here to stay

Saffron the colour of sacrifice,
Now adorns the messengers of malice,
The Blue wheel rotates once in 5 years,
Unending lies, masks & the same tears,

Prosperity reflected by the humble Green,
Is twisted to portray monetary means.
The White sits silent and bleeds for me, Ruthlessly butchered by the powers that be.
Amidst this pain and macabre view,
I sense a turmoil & a rising long overdue,
The sky will clear & I’ll no longer burn,
Deep inside I know my colours will return…
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