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The sky I look up to is overcast,
Orange fumes rising from the blast,
Grey clouds mock & drift away,
Only the pain is here to stay

Saffron the colour of sacrifice,
Now adorns the messengers of malice,
The Blue wheel rotates once in 5 years,
Unending lies, masks & the same tears,

Prosperity reflected by the humble Green,
Is twisted to portray monetary means.
The White sits silent and bleeds for me,
Ruthlessly butchered by the powers that be.

Amidst this pain and macabre view,
I sense a turmoil & a rising long overdue,
The sky will clear & I’ll no longer burn,
Deep inside I know my colours will return
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Saket Dabi said…
colors = happiness , nice message :)all the best fir BAT
Jaspreet said…
Hey,the story of return as told by a flag-very interesting!
The poem was wonderful and had a message too.
All the best!
Sagar..... said…
great one... awesome message...

nice creative idea...

nd ya all da best....
Tuppence said…
That was beautiful.
"I know my colours will return" - so much of meaning in those lines.
Simple and yet a lovely read.
Unruly Rebel said…
that was real indian return.. :)

i blog at
Dreamer said…
Beautiful poem. It starts out painting a grim picture but ends with a message of hope! All the best!
Rinaya said…
Thanks Saket,Jaspreet and Sagar :)
@tuppence: thanks & I believe in writing simple,too much complications exist already :P
@Namit: thanks for dropping by..will surely visit ur blog.
@Dreamer: thanks,am a hopeless optimist u know :)
MuddassirShah said…
How very true, how very true
zephyr said…
That was a beautiful, nationlistic poem one that is full of hope and upbeat. Good one!
Anonymous said…
Woah!! Beautiful.. :)

ATB for the BAT.. :)
Very nice. I love my India.
The colors will return, ek din!
A colorful return, I loved it...

--Someone Is Special--
Brijender Singh said…
Living as we are in an era dominated by American hegemony and cultural supremacy, it really gladdens the heart to see such wonderful thoughts on India-more than saying that you did a good job,i think we all would like to say thank you !
Rinaya said…
You would say thanks to an outsider if they praised you,why say thanks to someone who praises something belonging to them only?
And thanks everyone for visiting my blog.. :)
Anonymous said…
The only post(poem) with a flavor of patriotism perhaps?
Well written.
Gone Girl said…
Hello Rinaya,

First things first, THANK YOU for sharing such a 'sensible' post. In times where people are too busy getting carried away or are confused about their roots, your poem acts as a reminder and beckons the readers to sit up and take notice! I applaud your efforts. I loved you interpretation of the colors. How true! Sigh!
This comment has been removed by the author.
hey rin..pretty cool message..nice interpretation of the Indian flag..specially liked the wheel part..
"Amidst this pain and macabre view,
I sense a turmoil & a rising long overdue,
The sky will clear & I’ll no longer burn,
Deep inside I know my colours will return…"

....these lines can take away any Nelson's heart ! wow ! its always nice to find a fellow poet...loved ur poem....the words r powerful , n ur perspective is compelling....u wil go a long way....u wil find me on ur blog pretty soon again , tats a guarantee ! :)
Sadiya Merchant said…
well put...refreshing!
Purba said…
The colours get hazy, sometimes they burn, but deep down we know they will return.

An evocative play of words Rinaya, all the best for the contest :))
T F Carthick said…
Beautiful poem. Among the poems in Blog-a-ton in the recent past, this is one of the most original ones. Nicely expressed the country's angst through the pervesrsion of the colors.
Rinaya said…
thanks for the appreciation Raksha,Sadiya,Purba,The Fool :) & Pri :)
@ Just a Pen... well, thanks a lot! I'm honoured to have such thoughtful readers on my blog :)
@The Fool: creativity implies originality, even an inspirational post can seem original if put across the reader in the right way.
Maddie said…
wow.. great message, beautiful. All the best for BAT :)
Siddhesh Kabe said…
Lovely story....#Like!!!
123 said…
wow….thats great….well written and interesting….gud work frm ur side…..keep blogging....Best wishes

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D2 said…
Nice use of the font colours! Unique use of the return, told by a flag. Really liked it. The message in the poem is something we must listen to as well.
All the best for the BAT.
This was a patriotic return.

different take.


Sidra Sayeed said…
I love India! What better way to say it than to actually say it your own way!
Shilpa Garg said…
A wow post!! Very unique and creative take on Return!
All the best for BAT.
Cheers :)

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