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Salvation of a Saint Reviewed

Salvation of a Saint is an intriguing title until you reach almost the very end of the novel. As usual Keigo Higashino has churned out an excellent story weaving human emotions, the perfect crime & justice being served at the end. The enigma in his novels is never the who dunnit question. It is always the how that leaves you almost frustrated.
Ayane Mita is a noted traditional patchwork designer & wife of the successful businessman Yoshitaka Mashiba. Theirs is the perfect marriage, with Ayane fulfilling the duties of a devoted wife & Yoshitaka a noble husband. That’s what it seems on the surface. The very first chapter tells you who the killer is & why they are forced to take such a step. But will they be ever caught?
Ayane is by all terms a gracious lady. The prefect looks, the creativity in her designs & her love for her husband, make her a woman any man would be happy to keep. But not Yoshitaka. For Yoshitaka, children are what complete a family & a marria…

Reviewed : Tantra by Adi

I had been reading some serious books (The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes) & was looking for something light after that.And so when Tantra was put up for review, I opted for it. A female vampire hunter in Delhi-sure I was in! And the book did surprise me. While I won't say that this would win a Booker or something, but it is definitely packed with enough masala to make into a movie or a TV series perhaps?
To begin with the story line about vampires brings to guessed it-Twilight! You need to get past this if you want to enjoy the book.It isn't much about vampires than about ancient Hindu mythology. Looks like Mr.Adi has done his research well. Now lets talk about the female protagonist.
Anu Aggarwal at first sight would seem the normal NRI material. Her accent, love for leather pants & kick-ass attitude doesn't betray who she is-a guardian. Her job? Roam the streets in the moonlight hunting down vampires.Sounds cool huh?But it's not always what it l…

Office Office

It’s been way too long hasn’t it? You wouldn’t know. You didn’t even bother to visit. Anyway, am back after a long break with something fresh- office life! Yes I’m an intern at ABC & sadly unlike how they show in movies, getting mugs of coffee & sandwiches isn’t what internship is about. It involves a trailer of how your “employee” life will be albeit minus the salary. No one wears skirts or capris (not yet though, it’s still cool in here) & no one hits on trainees (pathetic). The only person who has shown some un-professional interest in our batch of giggling girls is the ground floor pantry-manager-staff-keeper whatever. The initial month was spent in confusion. To sir or not to sir. Our mentors hate it when we refer to them as sir/ma’am. They say it makes them feel old (*rolling eyes*). Second confusion was team ek trainees 7. So they first gave us loads & loads of stuff to study. Using a photocopying machine for the first time in our lives, we happily photocopied …