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Chocolates From My Sugar

How can Valentine Week pass by & I not talk of love? Apart from the hormone-high humans, even the Gods seem to enjoy the month of love. The cold & bitter winters have bid a goodbye & made way for the cool spring winds to blow. From a grey tinted picture it’s now a colourful world all around. So here is a short, I won’t call it a story, but rather a short incident celebrating the essence of love.
She walked down the road to the small cafĂ© where he was waiting for her. She knew she was late again but she also knew that he won’t mind & there will always be that welcoming smile on his face, the greeting-“You look beautiful today!” waiting for her. No matter how many times he said it, it always sounded so reassuring & honest coming from him.

“Hey happy Propose Day!” she wished him. “Same to you sweetheart. But am I supposed to propose to you again?” he wiggled his eyebrows. “No silly. But anyway you don’t have to, you already know my answer” she smiled.

 They spent their …

Love Story 2011

Yes I know I am supposed to continue my wedding experience but something(s) happened in between that kept me away from my laptop (that’s not a lie… I login to Facebook from mobile!) After my sis had left to terrorize her in-laws and everyone here had breathed a sigh of relief, I got back to college. And the first thing I know is I am appointed script writer for the Republic Day skit. My dramatic, sarcastic approach to the theme didn’t go down too well with the teacher & so we did the usual ghisa-pita play on Hindu-Muslim fights (no matter how many plays you do no one is listening actually).

That done now I was now well acquainted with the dramatic society people. The play got off without any disaster save the ending where my super-fast narration had left a gap of 20extra seconds before the closing song could play. And it left the poor actors on stage in a half-bowed position looking at each other and at the confused audience.

Our college annual fest Mirabilia (Latin for miracle) …