Thoughts On A Hot Summer Day

It was hot. And not just any normal level of hot that you've managed to believe it might have been. It was to put in prettier lexical terms - sweltering, decaying, broiling, and perspiring.And it was just April. May was yet to come.

As another ginormous vehicle sluggishly but deliberately cut in front, splashing precious water from an orifice located on top like a whale in the ocean, it was decided that a prodigious traffic jam was inevitable.

One more term to describe this April. It began slowly at first. The taps would start protesting by 9 am. An ominous cry would emanate from the other end, wailing into the bathroom, echoing off the walls in protest to being asked to procure something they no longer had. One does not accept defeat in such scenarios, The taps are twisted in clockwise and anti clockwise directions, pausing in between when fervent prayers are sent through the foamy deposit of lather on their face.

Dehydrated oddly meant that even stores ran out of be…

Getting A Schengen Visa When Travelling Solo

The last couple of months had been excruciating for me. The virtue of patience has been ever elusive in my case & this time the wait was even more painful. In order not to let anyone go through the same torture, I have decided to share a few pointers into getting a tourist visa in you're planning a trip to Europe.
My case was-boyfriend on site at Helsinki invites me to come spend my birthday with him there. The catch being, he cannot really send me an invitation letter due to company restrictions.

After spending a good amount of time on the internet I finally applied for the Schengen tourist visa on 4th of April, for travel dates on 16th of May. Guess when my visa arrived? 14th May!!!

Hence the first rule apply well ahead in time, especially during summer. Summer sees a lot of tourist visa applications along with a ton of student immigration cases which makes the processing time at the Embassy longer than usual. Although in situations where you have an invitation letter of so…

A Taxing Time

Disclaimer: This post is in no way remotely related to tax-saving. The writer claims absolute ignorance on the topic of investment & the market. Kindly read at your own risk.

My father has quite often remarked at how he fails to understand my lack of financial awareness, him being a retired bank manager. My mother says that even if I were to be allotted a yearly income of a crore or so, I'd still be broke at the end of the month. My expenditure is directly proportional to my salary & increases in geometric progression. Sadly both are extremely accurate in their observations.

I started working when I was 23 years old. You'd think at 28 I would have saved up enough to buy a house or a car since I'm working in the very lucrative IT industry (if you got the sarcasm, congrats!). All I have is a credit card outstanding amount of 30000 INR.

If you take a look at my Zomato reviews, you'd understand why I'm so broke. Or even the Amazon/Flipkart product reviews will…

A Girls' Trip to Puducherry (Part II)

Puducherry is a beautiful place.
The beaches are pristine, the cuisine wonderful, the whole architecture of the town will leave you in awe. Winters are the best time to visit as the humidity is manageable & though the afternoon sun is harsh, the breeze is cool & soothing. And the early morning walk on Rocky beach is something to be never missed!

So we were a group of 5 wise ladies who had booked train tickets from YPR(Bengaluru) to PDY(Puducherry) & s hotel nearby, well in advance ( more so that no one can back out than for the fear of hotels getting overbooked). We decided to avoid the Christmas/NY crowd & chose a moderately peaceful December weekend for our first ever girls' only trip.

We chose this hotel Le' Mirage and it was good! The location was excellent, as we simply walked down to it after we got off the train. The only disappointing part was the mean lady at the reception who seemed pretty confused about the early check in rules but confident about t…

The Princess' Song

This is a really old story
I hope you will bear with me

once upon a time....
I'll spell it out in a rhyme...

There was a lovely Princess down south
with beautiful locks and a frown on her mouth
for you see she had no song of her own
something written just for her alone

So she travelled far and travelled long
to find it; just that one special song
as all the musicians in her kingdom
happened, to only bring her immense boredom

So she travelled far and she travelled wide
into distant countries crossing fearsome tides
The loud roar of the ocean and the gentle hum of the ship
only making her more determined to find a song for her lips

She sighed upon the sunsets at the Thar
and all the gold that lay at Qatar
Even the Taj Mahal could do nothing
to her aching heart that seeked soothing

She thought perhaps if she fell in love
her woes would be taken care thereof
and so she sought a handsome man of virtue
the song her heart would finally sing to

But alas here too she did not succeed

The No-Secret Santa

So yesterday I went to a nearby mall. I usually avoid malls, because the compulsive-shopper in me always finds a great excuse as to why I need that new top & then spend the next few minutes looking for something to go with the newly-bought top. Then I have to also find a restaurant to which I can go wearing the new ensemble. And if God forbid the mall has a bookstore, I can be found sitting inside with 2-3 novels in my lap & one in my hand. Worst part is I am the kind who has zero bargaining skills & loads of sympathy for the shopkeepers. So I actually feel sad if I have just asked the assistant to show me millions of dresses & then bought nothing. And I wonder why I am always broke.

Moving on... so I went to the mall to buy a gift for a person I may have talked to once in my entire duration of stay at work. Have you heard of the Secret Santa thing? Yes, you have. Because I am pretty sure you have also spent the past few days debating on whether you can just wrap up a 2…

A Girls' Trip Reference (or not)-Part I

So after writing my last depressing post about how I am going to probably be asleep when the clock strikes 12 & people get new year kisses, I have since improved my mood & returned from a girls only trip to Puducherry.

I'm currently running on coffee after 3.5hrs of sleep and hence penning down my experience at the only place where I am actually required to be awake-my office (really if the HR guys were bored enough one day & chance upon my blog, I'd be in so much trouble!). I am an otherwise diligent employee, but c'mon! It's the Monday after a trip.

So here I am, all wise after spending nearly 3 days with a group of girls and surviving without making it to the local news. Let me impart some of my newly-found gyaan to you innocent bumbling idiots who think a girls only trip would be such a blast-

Rule no.1- Never & I mean NEVER underestimate the camera addiction of a girl with makeup on..
And never take good pictures of your friends or you're doomed fo…