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The Balance

Women  Fragile Delicate Flowers That carry the weight  Of the garden they are born in. The same voice  Dictated that  Men be labelled strong. Be wooden filings  Wrapped around Precious cargo. Pitted against one another Designated roles  One protecting the other Expectations. Each one crying foul In a voice that's louder. Balanced nevertheless On either side of the scales Bickering. Neither sought to seek The one Who really held the weights. Rules they made Laws were laid. Demarcations Boundaries Courtesies Responsibilities Divided never Shared. Fingers always pointing Righteousness to be upheld Not once was it questioned Who really holds the strings... The laws seek to punish The black and reward The white. Convenient to ignore That people cast shadows In different shades of grey. Not all men, not all women. Then why not be simple Why not be kind Why not hold your own Why not just be... a good human instead?

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