The Princess' Song

This is a really old story
I hope you will bear with me

once upon a time....
I'll spell it out in a rhyme...

There was a lovely Princess down south
with beautiful locks and a frown on her mouth
for you see she had no song of her own
something written just for her alone

So she travelled far and travelled long
to find it; just that one special song
as all the musicians in her kingdom
happened, to only bring her immense boredom

So she travelled far and she travelled wide
into distant countries crossing fearsome tides
The loud roar of the ocean and the gentle hum of the ship
only making her more determined to find a song for her lips

She sighed upon the sunsets at the Thar
and all the gold that lay at Qatar
Even the Taj Mahal could do nothing
to her aching heart that seeked soothing

She thought perhaps if she fell in love
her woes would be taken care of thereof
and so she sought a handsome man of virtue
the song her heart would finally sing to

But alas here too she did not succeed
for the enigma of love who can interpret?
And so days passed by with no outcome
hopeless and resigned she had finally become

And once aboard the ship in the end
with her all servants waiting to attend
and all her friends' letters to read
she felt she'd never been so alone indeed

For what is a Princess without her song
nothing to wake up to listening at dawn
No ballad to pass on to the next generation
oh must she have to suffer from this abomination?!

And then when her country was almost in sight
her ship suffered from a terrible plight
For they were hunted by pirates strong
and their capture didn't really seem very long

But the brave Princess put up a fight
and watching her valour the rest fought with all their might
An hour long they stood their ground
until their enemies turned around

Alas for the Princess it was too late
sometimes you wonder how very cruel is fate
So as she lay breathing her last
taken down by the wounds that bled too fast

She heard her crew singing a song
of bravery, honour and of a woman strong
They sang with tears flowing down
they sang her song, the song of her crown

So the Princess finally rested in peace
knowing her quest was not futile in the least
and for many years along
they'll sing of her, sing her one special song.

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