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The Snake Charmer of India

His eyes darted across the room. The panoramic view of drunken mass irked him. Bodies subtly and more often  coarsely rubbing against each other evoking disgust rather than sensuality. The singer at the bar was religiously murdering a popular Coldplay song. To top it up, Happy Hours had ended...and not just at the bar.

He was bored. He'd come here to meet his ex-girlfriend. She didn't want to though. Said some crap about having adapted to this country, this city and even more bullshit about finding peace in Delhi's chaos. Like girl what the fuck! Just tell me who are you fucking??!!
He slammed his bottle down a bit too hard at the counter,earning a glare from the bartender-who by the way didn't look a day older than 20.

Crazy stupid need to be 25 to drink here and he was just 23 with only a few hundred Indian rupees left in his wallet. Good thing he passed for 25+ and no one gave a damn about IDs really. He was handsome and by now had gotte…


The same questions haunted her again. It felt oddly familiar, this confusion. But this time the stakes were different. She stared listlessly at the pile of wedding cards that lay on the table. Ryan had called it a mess earlier this morning. He’ll have to sleep on the couch tonight, the cheek of that man. Out of habit she lifted the florist’s brochure, knowing all its contents by heart now. Roses were too commonplace Ryan said. He wanted her to carry daisies, citing that their simple yet alluring affluence was perfect for someone like her. It was at times like this, she wished he knew her better. He made an effort & a commendable one at that, true. Yet she knew there will always be a void no one can fill. And so Anemone was her pick, whimsical, just like her.  Compromise was now not her forte. Daisies will look good on the center piece anyway.
The D-day was just round the corner. But Christmas came before that. She would for the first time meet Ryan’s family. Natasha remembered t…

Of Dewdrops & Dilemma

When do i cry?
When do i show
That i am weak,
Fragile and need to let go?
Not when in solitude
Gazing at stars afar
Not at times when
Simple events seems bizzare
I let tears flow
I let them have their way
Happiest when i am
And struck with dismay
Surrounded with happiness
Is when my resolve weakens
With fun, frolic and laughter
My tears dissolve,present & unspoken
Struck by the thought
That this too shall pass
Astounded by the impermanence
That begets all
They flow down and yonder
Carve a path of their own
Somewhere they must meet
Salvage their existence so forlorn
Happy tears and some sad
Some speak of dreams unfulfilled
That i was so foolish
To have had
And yet they help to allay my fears
And yet they gift me with tranquillity
Tears that I cry, a part of me you are
A willful coincidence: a lucky serendipity

The Sky Is Everywhere... Indeed

I was on a dry spell...of reading.No matter what book I picked,I couldn't go past the first few chapters.Impatient and restless,I longed to find a book that would transport me back to that oh-so-fantastic world of fiction.

I visited a book fair in my hometown yesterday and for the first time felt a lack of enthusiasm given the fact that around 30 unread new/old unread novels are lying around desolate in my room already.But then a bibliophile can never resist a deal that goes buy 3 books for 200!

I just finished reading The Sky Is Everywhere right now.And I can't wait to go back to it again.Lennie with her passionate emulation of Cathy of Wuthering Heights,Joe with his dorkiness and the ever present wild & fiery Bailey have taken over my heart.

This is a book with romance and love scenes and cheesy poetry thrown in.But also one that makes your heart beat aloud...or drown in inexplicable misery.You'd want to smile,be happy for Lennie,feel her guilt in your very bones an…


The eyes were sparkling no more
The face was bereft of any mirth
Claustrophobic,emotions drowning
Were adamant to swim ashore
Sweaty palms; hot & cold at once
Like when the heart beats too loud 
Though everything appears so surreal
Through the blood adrenaline runs
One step at a time we take
Slow yet sure,firm steps forward
Dreaming eyes have already played the game
It's time to see what it's like when awake
The outside world ceases to exist
It's just you and me for now
For the first time I feel free &right
There's no reason left for us to resist

Hands clasp, mine in yours,seamless As we say "I do" together Our lips touch and if I think if I died now I'd die,euphoric..euphoric but breathless..

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘Breathless’
Written to support & encourage the legalization of same-sex marriages all over the world.

The Oxygen of my Life

Some people are like oxygen.
Or even water.
No wait...oxygen is better.
You'd have heard people claim-"OMG I loveeee pizza..." or "KFC bucket....yummm!!"

Ever heard/read anyone talk about how much they love oxygen? Bet you haven't!
Water at least gets some love,when some companies claim they have a direct pipeline pulling in water from the foothills of the Himalayas, but no one thanks good old oxygen. Except when June 5 comes around and it's World Environment Day and everyone is in a frenzy to advocate prevention of air pollution.

Oxygen-without it you won't last 2 minutes!
A man can survive without food for a few days,water too,fewer days,but no you. And yet we have never thanked it.We treat it like it's the duty of the Oxygen molecules to get inside our- lungs and help in oxidizing blood.

Same holds true for some really important people in our life.
You have almost at least twice a day thanked your Mom,specially in your childhood.…

The Must-Have Metro Post

I am not supposed to be writing, seriously, not at this time of the day. I am in office & mercifully it's one of the once-in-a-blue-moon days when a release has been delivered, your TL is on leave & your manager has forgotten about your existence.

Also I am down with the seasonal flu & not in a mood to work. I could catch a movie instead but I am perpetually broke so the only option left for me is to sit & blog which serves the dual purpose of making me appear "busy at work" :)

So I was browsing through a few blogs & I realized people living in metros always have that one blog post about some incident in the metro. I have been in Gurgaon for over 2 years now & travelled umpteen number of times via the Delhi metro & nothing to show for it on my blog! So here goes, my first metro post-

The first time I rode the metro without parental assistance was when I was to visit Pragati Maidan for the book fair. I mean I was so afraid of moving o…

A Butterfly In a Cocoon

We meet people for a reason. Obviously there has to be some valid reason. God didn't just get bored and decide let,X and Y meet,coz you know "aiwe hi.."
If you are an atheist and believe there is no God,then of course you believe in the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence either! Everything happens for a reason.

In the 25 years I have spent on Earth (OMG I am so old...!!!), only 15 of which I can remember, so far I have not encountered one instance where the universe or the Almighty,has come forward to throw any light on this 'reason'. They built this vast Milky Way, installed gravity, created various forms of life, some of it rather pointless if you ask me, and yet,when it comes to aiding the most common species-nothing,nada,zero,zilch! I would gladly swap the ability to work out a calculus problem with the wisdom to differentiate between a cunning chap and an abnormally stupid one any day!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, like if we all had in-built…

A New World

It seemed eons ago, what happened just 5 minutes back. He could still hear her words spoken that day in the distant past, echo through his mind, like an endless hymn. It was really happening. He wasn't sure if he was ready for this. For months he had been preparing himself for it. So engrossed was he in the preparations that he had forgotten to react to the actual event that would unfold. And now he stood at the edge of the world, afraid, hesitant, and unsure. He couldn't see what lay beyond. He had only heard tales of it from friends & family. Was he ready enough to embark on this dangerous journey? He didn't know yet.
Mechanically he put his right hand before him & pushed open the door. He walked in a daze, his eyes focused only on her radiant face. And then in her soothing voice she asked –“Do you want to..?” He nodded.

As the baby’s tiny hand closed on his thumb, he realized, this wasn't just the edge of the world, it was the beginning of a new one.

This p…

An Imaginary V-Day Tale

Not  taking into account the fact that I’ve sworn off men & dating…I’m writing about how I’d propose to my crush, say X. (I’d say Jang Guen Suk, but then am yet to learn Korean)
I suffer from wander lust. I love the idea of travelling with just a backpack, one set of clothes and a camera (also a tube of Close-up for the minty-fresh breath). My man of course would love the same (obviously!). So I’d plan a weekend getaway, not some freezing hill station thank you. I’ve had enough of them last year. I would make a trip to Jaipur, a bit of the aesthetic beauty and colour for my starving eyes.
You’d have guessed by now I’m the kind of girl who is libertine in the true sense of the word especially by Indian standards-Indian women generally prefer being wooed and proposed to. Thankfully the tomboy in me would make me cut down on the cheesiness and not confuse my guy about who wears the pants in this relationship.
Coming back to the plan. We’d book one of those palaces turned into a ho…