A Butterfly In a Cocoon

We meet people for a reason. Obviously there has to be some valid reason. God didn't just get bored and decide let,X and Y meet,coz you know "aiwe hi.."

If you are an atheist and believe there is no God,then of course you believe in the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence either! Everything happens for a reason.

In the 25 years I have spent on Earth (OMG I am so old...!!!), only 15 of which I can remember, so far I have not encountered one instance where the universe or the Almighty,has come forward to throw any light on this 'reason'. They built this vast Milky Way, installed gravity, created various forms of life, some of it rather pointless if you ask me, and yet,when it comes to aiding the most common species-nothing,nada,zero,zilch! I would gladly swap the ability to work out a calculus problem with the wisdom to differentiate between a cunning chap and an abnormally stupid one any day!

Wouldn't it be wonderful, like if we all had in-built lights that flickered in different encoded colours? If I was going to be bad for you, you know break your heart or worse your DSLR, my light would start changing into some complex kaleidoscopic form that only your brain can decode and you'd know better to stay away from me.

No more going by those weird 'scientifically proven facts' like if his fingers twitch he is lying or if her iris dilates she is into you,c'mon, which man is going to stare into his date's eyes for God's sake?!

Imagine the possibilities! No crimes,no heart breaks,no politics! Yes, we will all unanimously choose our leader because we'd all be able to see the positive light all around him/her.

Now...come to think of it,wouldn't that be boring?!

I admit, I started off rather enthusiastically, exploring the endless peace this sort of trait would bring in,ignoring completely the fact that,the beauty of happiness is only experienced by one who has known pain.

Where will the fun be,if I knew from sight that you are no good? Taylor Swift's songs would be hailed as a new age mantra-

'oh my God,look at that face...you look like my next mistake'

The charm in dating a 'bad boy/girl', the thrill of discovering a friend in an assumed enemy, taking a chance..what is life without risks?

There would be no second chances, people will never change,never evolve,never achieve that 'much more' which they are capable of. The sky will stop being the limit and we will all be confined within our little worlds...as right now we are..bound by rules,restrictions,fake societal standards, cocooned in our fears.

It's a good thing after all, to not know what's good for us.


Emmanuel said…
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Punyaslok Rath said…
I can imagine you sitting in a yogic pose with a halo, preaching this stuff!

PS- I liked the humor in between your very serious 'thoughts'.
Diganta Jena said…
You could add a neutral light that allows you to discover on your own if the person will be bad or good for you. That could contain the surprise one needs in life ;-)
Vrsh said…
I agree with Punyaslok...so difficult in seeing you preach what you are attempting to preach :P
Well written, as always. The best part was the Taylor Swift song though...hehe
Well, I would miss falling in love, that butterfly feeling (see, I am copying a word off your title!) when you see him for the first time, pine in that unrequited love phase...
Things are lovely as they are, even if painful.
Pradeep Nair said…
Interesting! In a sense, these indicative lights are already there, only that they aren't in the form of the lights we know of. They are in the form of what is generally called 'body language', the cues, the hints ...

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