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What Men Want...

If  I were to actually focus on the one basic desire of the ‘man’kind then a short 3-letter word would suffice. But I’m not biased and neither is this an adult blog post so I have to delve deeper into the topic of what men want…

I’m kind of out of luck here as men are a species I have always failed to understand. Why on Earth would someone wear the same shirt for a week to school (my cousin) I cannot fathom.  I guess I am straying from the topic, what men want to why men want so…

Men Want To Be the Boss:

Be it in an office or at home, men always want to be the boss, the supreme master and the .. ok you got it. Especially at home the need to be the boss is overwhelming.  Sometimes they don’t succeed and sometimes they think they have succeeded!

Men Want To Get Noticed:

Ok everyone craves for attention, it’s a part of human nature unless you are a shy introvert kinda person who freezes under limelight. Men of course love to get noticed. Be it for their flashy gadgets ,their super fast car…

Men's Ladki Patao Syndrome (Guest Post)

I bring to you a guest post by a like-minded eccentric blogger who goes by the name XYZAndMe.Catch his thoughts & his blog to know more about him.
Let me not delay & bring to you his thoughts which were the result of me requesting him to write for me after a rather long discussion earlier.Here you go ..Well .. Since I have specified in my "about me" section about my definitive hatred towards the human male species.. I find no "gaddar"(traitor) feeling about myself while writing this post which may be (mostly) against my own kind.
I mean If I were a girl ...I would, by default be a lesbian.

I have never ever written a "guest" post .. It gives me a feeling of writing an essay on a sly topic like " My Pet " in the school days..Or the hindi one like " Ek phool ki aatmakatha" often misspelled by me on purpose to " ek phool ki atmahatya" just to mess with my hindi teacher .. who hated me for almost everything. And it was…

Diwali Crackles of Note…

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largest community of Indian Bloggers at BlogAdda.comJust like the rest of my life has an ample sprinkling of disasters like the colourful papaya pieces in a tuti-frutti bread slice, my festivals too end up being special occasions of entertainment to my family. At my expense of course.
My initial Diwalis were spent hiding somewhere where I won’t end up jumping at the sudden bomb blasting in my neighbourhood or watching my father light the flowerpots with the phooljhari, at a safe distance. I remember one Diwali in Kolkata when I was in Std1. I’d ventured out to the balcony to call Mom for something & bam! Next thing I know am on the floor…the big bomb blast that made me jump & end up with a throbbing rear end making it difficult to sit down in school the next day and a vow never to move outside…