Men's Ladki Patao Syndrome (Guest Post)

I bring to you a guest post by a like-minded eccentric blogger who goes by the name XYZAndMe.Catch his thoughts & his blog to know more about him.
Let me not delay & bring to you his thoughts which were the result of me requesting him to write for me after a rather long discussion earlier.Here you go ..
Well .. Since I have specified in my "about me" section about my definitive hatred towards the human male species.. I find no "gaddar"(traitor) feeling about myself while writing this post which may be (mostly) against my own kind.
I mean If I were a girl ...I would, by default be a lesbian.

I have never ever written a "guest" post .. It gives me a feeling of writing an essay on a sly topic like " My Pet " in the school days..Or the hindi one like " Ek phool ki aatmakatha" often misspelled by me on purpose to " ek phool ki atmahatya" just to mess with my hindi teacher .. who hated me for almost everything. And it wasnt just my hindi teacher...

I didnt quite understand this hatred by the women folks towards me.. but instead of reciprocating
it back.. I thought lets channelize this hatred into understanding of this wild alien species...called women.
This was like a rapist going on to support a pro feminist demonstration. Anyhow I proceeded with it..

I wouldnt be too judgmental and generalized about "men" or "women" .. All I report is what I observe around me ..
I mean I cannot observe the bedroom tandav of my hawt neighbor.. but given the data about similar stuff on the internet.. one can extrapolate it such that it encapsulates her behavior...and all the weirdness may be taken as exceptions...

Men (The Straight ones) are naturally programmed to be attracted to anything that looks like a woman, i.e she wouldnt even have to be real. If that werent the case.. the p0rn (especially animated p0rn) industry would have died long back.
Reading the online literature, I have come to a broad conclusion that we have two which is reptilian.. which keeps us in the category of animals.. and the mammalian brain with its components highly expanded which makes us human.
In layman terms.. If you see a girl walking past you .. and the first thought that comes to your mind is defined as "vulgar" by the social standards .. thats your reptilian brain. In computer terminology, the reptilian brain is your LPU... Lust Processing Unit, running at infinite GHz.
And the part of the brain that doesn't make you jump and hump any woman you see around is the frontal lobe...the control center. The seat of logic and reason.

The "Men's Ladki Patao Syndrome"(MLPS) is caused when there is an exponentially depreciating hold of the frontal lobe on the animal-istic part.

Following are the manifestations of MLPS infected guy:

1. Call a random girl at random hours.

2. Touch a random girl at random places.. (okay not so random places).

3. Emotionally blackmail and sometimes compromise a girl.
(For example, MLPS affected guy can say the following to almost any girl, known or unknown : "You broke my heart, how could you do this to me, Fear the god, he is watching you..")

4. Subject the girl to verbal abuse.

5. Mar the reputation of the girl if that girl doesn't agree to get 'involved' with him.

6. Threaten her, bribe her.

7. Mess with her Facebook pictures and use them to defame her.

and much more...

how do I know? well.. I like to observe the world around me.

Also it seems like the MLPS infected guys have got it figured out , on how to make the girl submit herself using the above 7 points. Girls, well not all, have a tenacity to go after, or rather chase the guy who is emotionally abusing them.. out of curiosity, something weird but it just happens.
Heres a scenario, one girl comes across two strangers:
Stranger1: Hey beautiful, How are you?
Stranger2: yo b!tch.. go Fc*k yourself etc etc
Girl: How dare you say that to me...stranger2.

Stranger1 is virtually ignored.

I wont blame anyone , but yea.. for the MLPS to spread.. girls contribute as much as the guys do.

Its said that.. It were the women who "selected" their partners who were intelligent/smart.. and hence brought us from the trees to the ground.. and made us human and now its only them who are actively "selecting" the dumb ones will put us back to the tree tops again...


suraj said…
nice post!!!... nice viewpoints... and not all of us guys are that bad...are we????
Sagar..... said…
Now dat was something.....

MLPS..... voe... seriously seems uve got a lot of experience in dis field...... nice presentation keep it up.....

must say unique topic.....
Anonymous said…
lol great article! :P very well wriiten
xyzandme said…
A very apt picture,
And readers.. kindly do not mind for my fhaaked up english..

rinaya.. i would like you to write a guest post on my blog too.. but i am not sure about what... :/
Rinaya said…
hey this isn't a barter system that you have to offer me something in return LOL :P
I'd of course be more than happy to write for u.. do let me know when u think of some topic..
and yeah once again thanks for this phunny post! :D
xyzandme said…
Oh I did not know how this worked.. As I have said before.. I was quite new to this social version of blogging.,, So bear my naiveté...

And why the heck are you thanking me!?
I should be thanking you for an opportunity to be mentioned on your blog.. that too with a dedicated post!!

It feels like Sachin tendulkar mentioning my name in his man of the match speech....

And I think.. I wouldnt give you a topic..Just write what you want to write it on... that will be fun.,..
Rinaya said…
err.. don't give me an open invite.. u never know what u will land urself in!:P
and Sachin? :-O I am an amateur in this field too..
xyzandme said…
nah nah.. fullto khuleaam open invite hai..

And I dont mind where that lands me into.. :p

Toh whenever you get time.. write a post on whatever you want..
and i mean it.. WHATEVER ...
and mail it to me.

I promise you.. no edits no censors..and 100% guaranteed publication :p
Rinaya said…
Ooh.. u'll make a good albeit always-in-trouble editor! :P
Megan Fox said…
lol nice article!enjoyed reading it
Sourav C Pandey said…
Not too surprised, happens! A realistic post with soft humorous touch! :)

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