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Thoughts On A Hot Summer Day

It was hot. And not just any normal level of hot that you've managed to believe it might have been. It was to put in prettier lexical terms - sweltering, decaying, broiling, and perspiring.And it was just April. May was yet to come.

As another ginormous vehicle sluggishly but deliberately cut in front, splashing precious water from an orifice located on top like a whale in the ocean, it was decided that a prodigious traffic jam was inevitable.

One more term to describe this April. It began slowly at first. The taps would start protesting by 9 am. An ominous cry would emanate from the other end, wailing into the bathroom, echoing off the walls in protest to being asked to procure something they no longer had. One does not accept defeat in such scenarios, The taps are twisted in clockwise and anti clockwise directions, pausing in between when fervent prayers are sent through the foamy deposit of lather on their face.

Dehydrated oddly meant that even stores ran out of be…